Homeschool Helpers: 10 Go-to Resources for History

I love teaching history in our homeschool. There’s something about looking back at the events of the past and using them to make sense of our present. And, in all of this time of exploring with my kids, I’ve certainly come across my share of go-to homeschool history resources.

Not sure which history resources you'll actually use while #homeschooling? These favorites are the ones that have carried us through year after year.

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Some of these resources are curriculum options and some are great for supplementing. So, regardless of what you’re looking for today, I’m sure you’ll find some good go-to ideas to add to your stash of homeschool history resources.

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10 Go-to Resources
for Homeschool History

1. Books

It doesn’t get better than experiencing history through the pages of a good book. Whether we’re reading historical fiction, using non-fiction books for research, or diving in all the way with a good history-based series, books are the perfect homeschool history resource.

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2. Timelines

Timelines are a great way to connect all of the dots as you work through historical eras with your kids. If the thought of a timeline hanging on your wall makes you break out in hives, don’t worry. I’m only referring to hassle-free timelines.

Some of my favorite timeline options are these history timeline workbooks, history sketch journals, timeline notebooking pages, and the Charlotte Mason-inspired Book of Centuries.

3. The Mystery of History

The Mystery of History is one of the best things that’s happened to our homeschool. Period.

The student readers bring history to life, but also present history through the lens of our Christian worldview. This is especially important to us because we see more than segmented historical facts and figures. It helps us see the bigger picture and how all that happens is a part of God’s story.

Homeschool Helpers: 10 Go-to Resources for Homeschool History

The student readers are wonderful, but the Companion Guides take the lessons to the next level. They’re full of activities that build on the weekly lessons, but the included review materials help to ensure comprehension. (Note: you can find these wherever buy your curriculum.)

Our favorite resource from The Mystery of History collection has to be the Super Supplemental Collection. I use this history resource daily. I print the coloring pages for my kindergartner to do while she sits in on our history lessons, while I print the sketching and review pages for my big kid.

4. Amazon Prime Video

I’m all for putting Amazon Prime to work in our homeschool and Prime Video is one of my favorite ways to do so. We love supplementing our history lessons with videos and TV shows we can access at no additional charge through Amazon Prime.

Not familiar with all that Amazon has to offer your homeschool? Here are a few of our favorite Prime Video finds for history:

  • New Dimension Media documentaries (You can search and then view the individual episodes on Prime.) – These are my favorite homeschool history videos on Prime Video. They’re an easy way to add another element to our history lessons, but they’re usually shorter in length than other documentaries and it doesn’t take a stellar attention span to watch them.
  • Once Upon a Time … The Explorers (Add it to your watchlist here) – This animated series follows several key explorers and their journeys around the world.
  • American History for Kids (Add it to your watchlist here) –  These movies are under 20 minutes in length and cover elements of American history through interviews, reenactments, and other footage.

There are plenty more videos to choose from, especially if you have middle and high school students in your home. All you need to do is a search on your topic and see what you can find.

5. WonderMaps

All the historical knowledge in the world only helps so much without any understanding of where everything takes place. That’s why we love using maps for homeschool history.

I use a kids’ atlas with my kindergartener for this, but my sixth grader loves using WonderMaps.

Homeschool Helpers: 10 Go-to Resources for Homeschool History

WonderMaps is a map software composed of world and US maps, biblical maps, historical maps, and even modern maps.

One of my favorite things about the software is that it’s completely integrated with The Mystery of History volumes. I also love that we can peel away the map layers however we need and create maps that are customized to meet our needs.

6. BBC Primary History

This fun website is one of our favorite go-to homeschool history resources. It’s informative, but it’s also interactive and incredibly engaging.

Your kids can learn about world history and famous people here, but there are also lots of free lesson plans available for teacher use. If you’re not familiar with this site, now is the time to bookmark it!

7. Writing Through History

We love Brookdale House’s Writing Through History because it allows us to combine history, narration, and handwriting in one easy assignment. Not only do I love that I can choose the volume that best matches the era we’re covering in history, but I also love the additional layer of historical content it adds to our homeschool days.

8. Draw and Write Through History

Not to be confused with Writing Through History, the Draw and Write Through History books are great for adding art to our homeschool history. This series includes copywork selections and thorough step-by-step drawing tutorials of historical places, landmarks, and figures.

Homeschool Helpers: 10 Go-to Resources for Homeschool History

That said, the drawing lessons in the Draw and Write Through History are fantastic for older elementary and middle school kids, but younger kids may find them a bit too detailed.

The Draw Write Now books may be a better match for the younglings in your homeschool. They’re not exclusively history-based, but they’re more doable for little hands and most of include historical themes.

9. Notebooking Pages

A Notebooking Pages membership is one homeschool history resource that never goes unused. Since there are pages for pretty much any topic you can imagine, you can use this membership to record or reinforce history (and other subjects) in your homeschool from beginning to end.

There are pages for Bible, countries and states, historical eras, famous people, and timelines. Even if you’re not ready for the lifetime membership, the free 600 page sampler is a must-have for homeschool history. It includes basic notebooking pages that can serve any purpose, as well as pages that can be used to document history studies.

10. DK’s When on Earth?
and Where on Earth?

DK’s When on Earth? and Where on Earth? are our favorite non-curriculum homeschool history resources. We use them with our lessons quite a bit, but I sometimes find my kids often perusing these pages over breakfast or lunch.

Homeschool Helpers: 10 Go-to Resources for Homeschool History

When on Earth? contains 155 infographic-style pages that cover history topics across the ancient world, medieval and Renaissance times, modern times, and the 20th and 21st centuries. Serious business, this book is a history feast!

Where on Earth? is more geography based, but there’s plenty of history in it. The featured historical maps cover ancient and medieval empires, battlegrounds, revolutions, castles, and industrial accomplishments.

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Not sure which history resources you'll actually use while #homeschooling? These favorites are the ones that have carried us through year after year.

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