The Love Letters Series: Holiday Books for Christian Kids

It can be tough to find holiday books for my kids that are respectful to our Christian worldview. What’s even tougher is finding books that explain current holiday traditions and the root of those traditions through the lens of our worldview.

The Love Letters Series: Holiday Books for Christian Kids

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That’s why I’m so excited to have found the Love Letters book series from Soraya Diase Coffelt. We love these books and know that you will also!

The Love Letters Book Series:
Holiday Books for Christian Kids

It’s easy enough to teach our kids that Christmas is about the birth of Jesus. What’s not so easy is explaining how a yearly visit from Santa ties into the birth of our Savior. Am I right?

Thanksgiving is generally a bit easier. You see, even if you’re not a history expert, you can make the connection that the Thanksgiving holiday and gratitude to God our Father go hand in hand. Well, it’s easy until the kids ask how turkey, dressing, and cranberry sauce came into picture.

And Halloween? How on earth do Christian parents explain a holiday with dark roots in a way that children can understand, but not drive them to nightmares?

Holiday Books for Christian Kids
That’s where the Love Letters book series saves the day. Through the series, author Soraya Diase Coffelt explains the origins of these holidays and how they relate to us as Christians.

Individually or as a set, these books are exactly what I want for my kids. I want them to understand how to apply their faith to the holidays they celebrate — that’s exactly what makes the Love Letters series some of the best holiday books for Christian kids that I’ve found.

It’s Not About You, Mr. Pumpkin

When our package of Love Letters books arrived, my ten year-old devoured It’s Not About You, Mr. Pumpkin on the spot. I don’t think he even sat down to read. He was that interested in making the connection between Halloween and his Christian faith.

He loved learning about the geographic origins of Halloween, but also how trick-or-treating came to be and its transformation over the years.

Holiday Books for Christian Kids
He was also thankful to have background information on popular Halloween symbols like black cats, bats, and jack-o-lanterns.

Most of all, he loved It’s Not About You, Mr. Pumpkin because it helped him feel more at peace about where our family draws the line in celebrating Halloween.

This book is a great one to have regardless of how your family approaches Halloween. Christians celebrating Halloween can be a hot topic, but It’s Not About You, Mr. Pumpkin addresses the holiday’s roots objectively.

It’s Not About You, Mrs. Turkey

The Thanksgiving book in the Love Letters series captivated both of my kids. I haven’t covered the history of Thanksgiving with my four-year old yet and it’s been years since I covered it with my son.

It’s Not About You, Mrs. Turkey is exactly what I needed for helping them connect the dots between the historical foundation of Thanksgiving and the holiday tradition we enjoy today.

Beyond explaining the Pilgrims of England and their journey to worship God freely, Soraya emphasizes the way they always acknowledged God working in their lives and meeting their needs.

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In particular, my son was excited to learn about President Abraham Lincoln’s Thanksgiving proclamation. That was his first time hearing when and how we came to celebrate Thanksgiving on the last Thursday of each November.

He’s covering history from a classical, chronological context and we’re currently in Renaissance times. Abe Lincoln doesn’t get mentioned too often around our table, so he was happy to learn about the proclamation. He especially loved learning that President Lincoln understood how important it is to remember where our blessings come from.

It’s Not About You, Mr. Santa Claus

Y’all, my little one knows that we wouldn’t have Christmas without Jesus, but she loves Santa Claus and the fact that he brings her three new toys each year. As much as we try to limit our focus on Santa, he’s still everywhere my four year-old looks.

We limit our Santa gifts to three for each child to try to keep our eyes on the gift of Jesus, but she still sees the advertisements, hears the songs in the grocery stores, and hears about the gifts that he’s expected to bring to her friends.

Holiday Books for Christian Kids
We couldn’t escape Santa even if we wanted to. That’s why I appreciate It’s Not About You, Mr. Santa Claus. It does a wonderful job bridging the gap between the birth of Jesus and the fun that comes with Santa. I just love this line to Santa from the last page:

“Don’t worry — I won’t forget you. I still love you, but I love Jesus more.”

That’s what makes this book special. It doesn’t ruin the magic Christmas experience that many kids look forward to each year. Instead, it shows why the gift of Jesus is our greatest gift and that all of Santa’s gifts fall in line behind Him.

The Heart Behind These Holiday Books

Can I tell you that I love what I’m learning about Soraya and her non-profit As the Stars of the Sky Foundation?

My profound interest is promoting literacy. My slogan is ‘Reading helps children achieve their divine destinies.’ As a Christian, I believe that every child has a God-given destiny. From my own personal experiences as well as my professional experiences as a lawyer and former judge, I have seen how critical literacy is in a child’s life.”

I also love knowing that the proceeds from these three books go to the As the Stars of the Sky Foundation to promote the importance of literacy in children’s lives. This will also be true for the proceeds of the upcoming Love Letters books about Easter and the Fourth of July.

Where to Find the Love Letters Series

I’m thankful to have the Holiday Love Letters series to share with my kids before the start of this year’s holiday season. Now is a great time for you to add them to your home library as well! You can find them on Amazon through the links below:

Holiday Books for Christian Kids

Feeling lucky? You can enter to win one of six sets of the Holiday Love Letters books through the giveaway widget below:

You can learn more about Soraya Diase Coffelt by visiting As the Stars of the Sky Foundation and by following her on social media: Facebook / Twitter / Pinterest / Goodreads.

The Love Letters Series: Holiday Books for Christian Kids

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