5 Days of Hands-On Christmas Ideas

Oh, how I love Christmas!  It’s the most wonderful time of the year, indeed.  And, as a follower of Christ, the hope symbolized by celebrating Christmas is second to none.  Along with that hope, Christmas brings a special time of togetherness with our families that doesn’t seem to happen throughout other times of the year.  It’s a beautiful thing!

Each year, my goal is to savor these blessed moments and make the most of them — to not look back with regrets of being too busy to celebrate that hope with the people I love.  This year, I’m hoping to make the most of these moments by making it a Hands-on Christmas for my kiddos.  Meaning, I want them to do more than anticipate December 25.  I want them to drink it in and celebrate this special time in lots of different ways.

5 Days of Hands-On Christmas Ideas

This 5 Days of Hands-On Christmas series is a round up of wonderful ways to make the most of this special time of year.  The idea is to take items from each day in the series and work them into our homeschool days and family time as we prepare our hearts for Christmas.  Some of these things are just for fun, some are thoughtful, and some definitely count as school time. My hope is that you’ll take a look each day and find ways you can get hands-on this Christmas, too!

1. Fun & Easy Christmas Treats
2. No-Stress Christmas Arts & Crafts
3. Ways to Bless Others This Christmas
4. Gifts Kids Can Make
5. Resources for Homeschooling Christmas

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas at iHomeschool Network!  Come along and join in all the holiday fun with 5 Days of Christmas Hopscotch!

5 Days of Hands-On Christmas - iHomeschool Network - Christmas Hopscotch

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