Meeting the Master Artists: Georgia O’Keeffe Unit Study Resources

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Are you planning a Georgia O’Keeffe unit study for your homeschool? You’re in luck! I’m sharing some fantastic resources to help you explore the life and art of this incredible American artist with your kids.

Meeting the Master Artists: Georgia O'Keeffe Unit Study Resources

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Between the books, videos, and art projects, there are plenty of ways to study this groundbreaking artist and her legacy. Here are the resources that have helped us the most.

Georgia O’Keeffe Unit Study Resources

Our starting point for our Georgia O’Keeffe unit study was Mixing with the Masters from Masterpiece Society. Through the O’Keeffe lessons in Volume 1, we learned about her background and the art techniques that set her apart from other modern artists.

In addition to learning about Georgia O’Keeffe, my kids enjoyed recreating a few famous O’Keeffe pieces through our Mixing with the Masters lessons. They always love our Masterpiece Society workshops, but my kids appreciated the way these lessons showcased O’Keeffe’s diverse repertoire.

Meeting the Master Artists: Georgia O'Keeffe Unit Study Resources

For example, my 7 year old daughter loved creating her own version of Red Poppy, while my 13 year old son was fired up about recreating Cow’s Skull: Red, White, and Blue.

Artist study and mixed media: the perfect combination for homeschool art!

Our Mixing with the Masters lessons were perfect for getting hands-on with our study, but we also loved working through the Georgia O’Keeffe unit in Masterpiece Society’s Art Appreciation course.

This art appreciation unit includes biographical information, interesting facts, notebooking pages, coloring sheets, and more. All of these features made this unit a perfect way to round out our Georgia O’Keeffe study.

Worth noting, the unit can be purchased individually or bundled with the other art appreciation units.

Learning about Georgia O’Keeffe

A long time ago in a land far away, I was a homeschooler teaching art appreciation to my son without help from Masterpiece Society. That’s where this group of resources comes into the picture.

Some of these are resources I used to piece together my own Georgia O’Keeffe unit study several years ago, but some are newer resources that have come along since that time. Between Masterpiece Society and the ideas below, you’ll have everything you could need to study Georgia O’Keeffe with your kids. 🙂

What to Read

Thankfully there are tons of great reading options for learning about Georgia O’Keeffe. Here are my favorites:

Planning to study the life and artistic legacy of Georgia O'Keeffe with your kids? I've got a great list of children's books about O'Keeffe to help you learn.

As for books, we like Through Georgia’s Eyes, Wideness and Wonder, and Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Artists: Georgia O’Keeffe, but you can find other good book options on my Georgia O’Keeffe book list.

What to Watch

Want to include some viewing selections in your Georgia O’Keeffe unit study? Here are a couple to consider:

This first video is shorter and an ideal overview for younger kids.

This second option is a little longer and is a good option for going beyond an overview and digging a little deeper.

More Georgia O’Keeffe Unit Study Ideas

You may also want to consider some of the following ideas to go along with your Georgia O’Keeffe study. These are especially nice options if you’d like to add some hands-on time to your study:

Looking for more unit study resources for the master artists? You’ll want to check out these unit study posts:

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