85+ Free Homeschool Resources to Keep in Your Back Pocket

Whether you’re homeschooling with a limited budget, dealing with curriculum issues, or looking for help with those rabbit trails that come up in daily life while learning at home, it’s nice to have some free homeschool resources to fall back on.

85+ Free Homeschool Resources to Keep in Your Back Pocket

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That said, it’s not always easy to remember all of those great resources you come across. That’s why I compiled this list of favorites I’ve found in our 10+ years of homeschooling. I’m excited to share them with you today!

Free Homeschool Resources You Need to Know

The resources in this first group fall into the category of general homeschool help, while the remainders on this list are divided into topical sections.

Now that the housekeeping is out of the way, let’s take a look:

1. PBS Learning Media

You’ll need to enter your local PBS channel info for access to PBS Learning Media, but once you do, you’ll find educational resources for every age and subject.

2. Education.com

This site has a plethora of free lesson plans, games, and worksheets for preschool and elementary kiddos.

3. Homeschool ID Card

Need an ID card for your homeschool? You can get one for free through Homeschool Buyers Co-op. Better yet, you can print it at home and laminate it or stick it between some clear contact paper.

4. All in One Homeschool

From preschool to high school, all of your homeschooling can be done through this free online curriculum. If you don’t need to use it in its entirety, consider using it to cover specific subjects or as a supplemental resource.

5. Ambleside Online

We’re in our third year of using this Charlotte Mason-inspired curriculum to guide our homeschool. The Ambleside Online curriculum itself is completely free. Also, the majority of the books needed are in the public domain and are therefore available for free on Kindle or various sites. The rest can be purchased or borrowed from libraries as needed.

6. Wide Open School

From preschool to high school, Wide Open School from Common Sense Media offers a huge variety of free learning activities across core subject and even areas like fitness, the arts, and life skills.

7. Teachers Pay Teachers

While this site primarily features classroom-oriented resources, there are lots of free homeschool resources available there also. You can find them by selecting the “homeschool” and “free” filters when you search.

8. National Geographic Education

This site has tons of articles, activities, and lessons for science, geography, arts, and more. Also worth noting, the National Geographic Kids site is pretty awesome too.

9. Khan Academy

A longtime favorite for many homeschool families, Khan Academy is a fantastic free resource. You’ll find comprehensive courses for math, science, test-prep and more there.

10. Starfall

Both of my kids spent plenty of time on this free website in their first years of homeschooling. Paid membership gives you full access to Starfall, but there’s plenty of early education goodness available for free.

11. TED-Ed

You can check out the educator section of the TED-Ed site or just let your kiddos explore the student section and learn about an assortment of topics.

12. Notebooking Pages

You’ll find free notebooking packs and sample pages for holidays, history and geography topics, artists and musicians, scientists and more at Productive Homeschooling.

13. Quick Start Carschooling

Need help homeschooling on the go? Use your free Homeschool Buyers Co-op membership to get your copy of Quick Start Carschooling. It’s a 51-page e-Book with ideas for learning while you’re on the road.

14. Getting Started in Homeschooling

Simply Charlotte Mason offers a free e-Book to help you determine which approach to homeschooling will best suit you. It also serves as a guide to help you get started once you have an idea of your chosen approach.

15. Homeschool Mission Statement Help

I’m an advocate of understanding the why behind your choice to homeschool; a homeschool mission statement is a great way to make sure you don’t lose sight of your why or wonder aimlessly on this education journey. If you need help crafting yours, see this Writing Your Homeschool Mission Statement PDF from 7 Sisters Homeschool.

16. Super Simple Planning Worksheets

Need a streamlined approach to homeschool planning? Learn more about my super simple homeschool planning worksheets and download yours for free.

17. God’s Little Explorers

We used the paid version of the God’s Little Explorers curriculum while homeschooling preschool, but the free version is pretty awesome on its own. It contains 28 units and covers numbers, letters, Bible, and life skills.

18. The Idea Nest

I love this early learning resource from My Little Robins! The Idea Nest is a free monthly play-based collection with book ideas, Bible stories, and play-based activities.

19. Homeschooling High School Course

Need help homeschooling high school? Let this free mini course from 7 Sisters Homeschool get you on the right track.


20. Rock Your Homeschool

Rock Your Homeschool put together this awesome list of free homeschool printables for all of us to enjoy as needed. :)

Free Literature Resources

21. Archive.org

Can’t find a book you need for your homeschool? See if it’s available through Archive.org and borrow it for free.

22. My Reading Lists and Book Reviews

I’ve got 16+ pages in this section of my site archives. Here’s a sampling of the book lists you’ll find there.

23. Online Book Clubs

Add some adventure to your homeschool one book at a time with these free Literary Adventures for Kids online book clubs. :)

Monthly Free Online Book Club

24. Scholastic

Peruse the Lessons and Ideas section of this site to find lesson plans and resources for your favorite books published by Scholastic.

25. Candlewick Press

Use this site to find discussion guides and printable activities to go along with books from Candlewick Press.

26. LibriVox

Read alouds play a big role in our homeschool; that’s why I turn to the free LibriVox app to give my voice a break each day.

True story, my kids and I also use LibriVox for our personal reading when working through a book in the public domain. I’m really not kidding when I say someone in our family uses LibriVox to listen to audiobooks on a daily basis.

27. Magic Tree House

This site has great fun for any Magic Tree House fan, but it also houses free resources for teachers. There’s a lot to this site, but the printables that go along with the Magic Tree House books are particularly helpful.

28. Simply Charlotte Mason Bookfinder

Need reading suggestions about a specific topic? Use the SCM Bookfinder to load up your library list and find quality books for your homeschool.

29. Penguin Young Readers

Visit the School & Library section of this publisher’s site to view all of the free reading guides, activity kits, and lesson plans that go along with their books.

30. Free Month of EPIC!

Screen time doesn’t have to be nothing but games! Sign up and get a free month of access to EPIC’s huge digital library for kids to put their devices to good use.

Thousands of high quality titles.

31. Poetry Teatime Quick Start Guide

This free guide is a great way to make poetry teatime a regular part of your homeschool plans.

Free Phonics & Reading Resources

32. Symptoms of Dyslexia Checklist

This checklist from All About Learning Press can help you determine if dyslexia is causing issues with learning to read or spell for your child.

33. Animal-themed Reading Bundle

This fun reading bundle is a great way to review letter sounds with your animal lover.

34. Bob Books Printable Packs

Are you using Bob Books to teach reading? If so, don’t miss the following resources for free printable packs to go along with the books:

35. SightWords.com

This free website is a good source for sight words lists, teaching tips, games, and reading curriculum.

36. How to Solve Letter Reversals e-Book

Is your kiddo struggling with letter reversals? This free e-Book from All About Learning Press can help you solve the problem.

Solving Letter Reversals

37. Nessy Reading and Spelling Trial

Nessy.com offers a free trial of their Nessy Reading and Spelling program. This program is a great resource for any child learning to read, but it’s particularly known for helping dyslexic children learn to read.

38. Banana Splits Compound Word Game

This free Banana Splits Compound Words Game is an adorable way to reinforce compound words. My daughter loves playing this one!

39. Reading Readiness Checklist

Is your kiddo ready to learn to read? This free reading readiness checklist will help you decide.

Free Language Arts Resources

40. Daily Grammar

Daily Grammar’s lesson archive offers free grammar lessons and matching quizzes.

41. Research Paper Help

Need help teaching your reluctant writer how to write a research paper? Download your free Research Paper Help for Reluctant Writers from 7 Sisters Homeschool.

42. Duolingo Foreign Language

Duolingo is a great way to learn foreign language. The best part is you can also download it as an app on your chosen device and learn for free there!

43. Copywork

Have you seen Kingdom First Homeschool’s list of free copywork packs? She has links to lots of copywork options, but also explains the benefits of copywork.

44. 7-Day Writing Blitz

Need some writing inspiration? Brave Writer offers a free 7-Day Writing Blitz for their Brave Writer Home Community. That means you automatically have access to it if you’ve turned to one of their online classes in the past or if Brave Writer is a significant part of your homeschool rhythm.

45. The Good and the Beautiful Language Arts

Did you know The Good and the Beautiful Offers the digital versions of their K-5 language arts programs for free? Check out Level 1 or go back to the home page and scroll to the bottom to download a different level.

46. Middle & High School Language Arts

Tina’s Dynamic Homeschool Plus has a super helpful roundup of free language arts materials for middle and high school.

47. Spelling City

Spelling City has a variety of spelling games and practice tools available for free. Paying for membership understandably gives you access to more resources, but the free options can be a great help.

48. Spelling Rules Posters

Use these free spelling rules posters for quick reference for those tricky spelling cases.

Spelling Rules Posters

49. Vocabulary.com

This site and its apps put a fun interactive spin on vocabulary for students of all ages. Chances are you’ll get plenty of mileage from the free student or free educator membership, but you can upgrade to the paid educator membership if you wish.

Free History & Geography Resources

50. TeachingHistory.org

Need help covering a specific history topic? This free site has a huge database of history lesson plans.

51. Simple History

Simple History’s videos offer quick, animated overviews of various history topics.

52. KS2 History (Formerly BBC Education)

We love the history games available on this free website. We stumbled across this site early in our homeschool journey and continue to turn to it to reinforce history topics.

53. Book of Centuries

Document your history studies across the timeline with this free Book of Centuries download from Simply Charlotte Mason.

54. Songs to Help Memorize American Documents

These songs are a great way to help your student memorize documents like the Gettysburg Address and the Declaration of Independence.

55. Electoral Process Help

There are several solid free electoral process resources available through Teachers Pay Teachers. Two worth noting are this Election Process Primary Edition pack and this US Presidential Election Worksheet for middle and high schoolers.

56. Ducksters

Ducksters covers a variety of topics, but the majority of the resources there relate to history.

57. Google Earth

Google Earth allows you to drop into a city and see more than just maps on a screen. In fact, digging into Google Earth Education allows you to create map projects, learn latitude and longitude, and even view geographical timelapses.

58. Geography Now

The Geography Now YouTube channel is one of our first stops for learning about different countries and regions. Serious business, we enjoy these videos so much we often rewatch them with Dad just for fun when our homeschool day is finished.

59. History Classroom

The History Channel offers free study guides, videos, and more through the education section of their website

Free Art, Music, & Drama Resources

60. Art for Kids Hub

Art for Kids Hub is one of our favorite stops for drawing tutorials, but you’ll also find free tutorials for origami, sculpting, and painting there.

61. The Kitchen Table Classroom

Jodi shares tons of art ideas on her site, but these free printable activities are especially helpful for teaching specific art techniques.

62. Making Art Fun

We use the Making Art Fun site to get quick artist biographies and tutorials.

63. The National Gallery of Art

The National Gallery of Art is a great resource for artist or picture study. You can use it to view specific works of art or to access the available free lessons.

64. Crayola

I’ve turned to the free homeschool resources in Crayola’s educator section countless times throughout our years of homeschooling.

This site is full of lesson plans that combine art and other subjects like science, history, and language arts. We also love the coloring pages and craft ideas found here. Some of these are just for fun, but lots — like the geography, plant, and animal pages — are great for homeschooling.

65. Table Life Blog Art Archives

A visit to my Art Archives is the best way to find all of my free art tutorials, art-related book lists, and artist study units. I’ve got more than 60 posts waiting for you here!

66. Art with Mati and Dada

The Art with Mati and Dada YouTube Channel is a fun way to introduce your kids to famous artists.

67. Art Links for the Not-so Artsy Homeschool Parent

I share 35 of my favorite homeschool art helpers and ideas in this art-only roundup.

68. Music Appreciation Printables

Music in Our Homeschool has several free lessons and printable packs available.

69. Homeschool Piano

Want to learn piano at home? Use your free Homeschool Buyers Club membership to get complimentary access to Homeschool Piano for an entire month.

70. The Case for Drama in Your Homeschool

Does drama have a place in your homeschool? This 7 Sisters Homeschool PDF explains why it doesn’t need to be left out of your homeschool fine arts efforts.

71. Intro to Directing

This free Intro to Directing guide will help kiddos who are interested in directing a play with other kids.


Free Math Resources for Your Homeschool

72. Homeschool Math

This site has a large selection of free math lessons and worksheets especially geared toward homeschoolers.

73. Math Cheat Sheets

Designed for grades 4-8, these free math cheat sheets are great to have on hand for quick math facts.

74. Maths Chase

Need help teaching multiplication facts? Check out Maths Chase and their free games designed to teach time tables.

75. Math-themed TV Shows

This list of math-related TV shows can help you work math skills into your TV time.

76. Math Games

Use this site for free math video lessons, worksheets, and online games.

77. Beast Academy Playground

Beast Academy Playground has a great collection of free tabletop math games for ages 4 and up. My youngest loves everything she’s played here. ;)

Free Science & Technology Resources

78. Mystery Science

Sign up for a free one year membership and get access to science lessons and resources for all ages.

79. Crash Course Kids

The videos from the Crash Course Kids YouTube channel are some of our favorites for learning about science-related topics. Visit their profile to check out their videos on physical science, space science, engineering, and more.

80. Science-themed TV List

Want to add some other science inspiration to your TV time? Don’t miss these suggestions for teaching science through TV shows. Lots of the recommendations there are available for free!

81. College Prep Science

College Prep Science offers several free homeshool science resources. You’ll find lessons, printables, and teaching tips waiting for you there.

82. NASA

NASA’s For Educators section offers free weekly STEM emails, lesson plans for elementary through high schoolers, and additional recommended resources for learning about space science and technology.

83. Marine Biology Unit

Are you planning to study ocean life in the coming months? The Good and the Beautiful offers their Marine Biology Unit for free.

84. Ocearch

While you’re learning about marine life, be sure to check out Ocearch. This site provides real-time tracking data for whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and more.

We visit this one often to see what’s happening in the water around our nearby beaches.

85. Code.org

A favorite for teachers everywhere, Code.org is one of the best free homeschool resources out there! Sign up for the free educator membership and then hop over to the Hour of Code section and take a look around.

86. Free Typing Games and Lessons

Want to add keyboarding to your homeschool mix? Check out KidzType’s free typing lessons and practice games. They’re a great way to teach typing and provide plenty of practice.

Do you know a few free homeschool resources we didn’t list here? Share them with us in the comments so we can check them out. :)

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