Learning Spanish with Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids

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Learning Spanish with Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids

We’ve had our share of trial and error when it comes to learning Spanish in our homeschool. I’d like to tell you that we’ve been using the same fantastic curriculum for years and it’s been nothing but wonderful, but I can’t. Then again, you probably know all of that if you read my post on choosing a foreign language curriculum.

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There’s no need to dwell in the past though. We started using Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids a few months ago and today I want to tell you more about this program and my experiences using it with my kids.

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids Overview

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids is a video-based Spanish curriculum made for ages 3 and up. The entire curriculum is an immersion experience and centers around videos featuring kids using Spanish in their daily lives.

The theory behind this approach is that kids learn words and phrases from the language best through situations that are familiar to them rather than adult-focused scenarios that are often highlighted in other Spanish programs:

We believe that nothing is more authentic and effective than seeing real people using the language. In addition, using language in fun stories kids can relate to works very well with students. Finally, seeing and learning from other kids has an incredible appeal to children, engaging and motivating them in an uniquely effective way. – Foreign Languages for Kids 

Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids is more than a collection of videos. In addition to the immersion-based video series, the curriculum line includes the following products:

  • Workbooks – The matching workbooks cover language practice in the form of puzzles, creative activities, and skits, but also include interesting geographic and cultural notes to match each lesson.
  • Teacher Guides – These include lesson plans, vocabulary summaries for each lesson, and optional hands-on activities.
  • Learning Games – Lastly, supplemental games from Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids help reinforce vocabulary and usage learned through each lesson.

Our Experience with
Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids

As far as our experiences with Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids, my kids have been learning Spanish through the online membership and the Dice Off game since springtime.

My kids have been working through the lessons together for around ten minutes per day a few times a week. I absolutely love that my kids can learn Spanish together with this program. That doesn’t happen often when you’re homeschooling a five year-old and an 11 year-old!

That said, they don’t necessarily do every part of these lessons together, but that’s not a problem. They watch all of the videos together, but my little one doesn’t do all of the quizzes and workbook activities. She usually sticks with Quiz 1 for each video and lets her brother tackle Quizzes 2 and 3 and workbook activities on his own.


My kiddos also love playing Dice Off together once a week or so. This gives them a break from the video lessons, but keeps them thinking about what they’ve learned and gives them a fun way to practice the language.

On my end, I know it’s working. It’s a slow and steady approach to learning Spanish, but I’m seeing the fruit from it as we go throughout our days. Whether we’re eating a meal, running errands, or discussing something random, both of my kids are regularly using phrases and words they’ve learned through their lessons.

Lastly, both of my kids enjoy the online lesson format, but even more so the lesson content. They love how the videos only feature kids and present the language in a context they relate to and understand.

Bottom line

I happily recommend Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids to any homeschool family wanting to learn Spanish. The lessons are short, engaging, and made with kids in mind.

Better yet, at no point will you feel like you’ve added more to a never-ending homeschool to-do list with this program. It’s low-prep for parents, but also a fun way for kids to immerse themselves in the Spanish language.

Get Connected with
Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids

Want to learn more about Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids? Check it out for yourself with this free trial. That way you can decide if this foreign language curriculum is a good fit for your kids and your homeschool.

Learning Spanish with Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids

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Learning Spanish with Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids

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2 thoughts on “Learning Spanish with Foreign Languages for Kids by Kids”

  1. Do you have the physical books and videos, or do you use the online resources only?
    I want to try this so bad, but I really can’t decide which is better, the subscription or the curriculum. (I personally prefer physical materials, but it’s so much more expensive)
    Thanks 🙂

    1. Hi Brandy, I’m only using the online resources with my kids (other than the Dice Off game). It’s been an adjustment for me, but my kids are enjoying the workbook activities and reviews they do online. In a lot of ways it’s like they’re playing online games to do their review work.

      I wish I could help with a comparison to the physical resources, but I’ve never used them. If you have any questions about the online aspects, I’m happy to help you there! 🙂

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