My Favorite Posts from 2015

My first year of blogging is in the books and, friend, I’ve got lots of gratitude for all that’s happened here this year. I’m looking back and feeling all kinds of blessed right now.  While I’ve still got work to do, for now I’m reflecting on my first year and surveying all that’s happened.

Life at the Table ~ My Favorite Posts from 2015
Part of that reflection came in the form of The Best of 2015: Reader Favorites and I had lots of fun checking the stats and putting that list together.  Now, however, it’s my turn.  Here are my favorite posts from 2015.

My Favorite Posts from 2015

1. Brave: Word of the Year – I feel like I have to start this list with one of the first posts I shared in 2015.  I chose brave to be my 2015 Word of the Year and all of that was due to God calling me to “get out of my tent” and start writing.  This post was a little peek into the start of my blogging journey.

2. Make Over Your Homeschool Budget: Saving and Streaming – I really could’ve listed any of the posts from my Make Over Your Homeschool Budget Series because I love knowing that the efforts we’ve made to homeschool frugally through the years have been able to help other homeschooling families.  Saving and Streaming is one of my favorites, though, because it’s the budget-friendly tip that we still use every. single. day.

3.  Walk in Truth Scripture Hunt – This post was the result of an activity that I created for our church’s KidMin.  I haven’t tackled too many printables on the blog yet, but I made adjustments to this activity and turned it into a free printable for families and children’s ministries.

My Favorite Posts from 2015 - Walk in Truth Scripture Scavenger Hunt
4.  Philippians for the Homeschool Heart – This was the first post in my Homeschool Heart series; it’s one of my favorites from this year because it was the first time I ever hammered out my thoughts on how scriptures apply to homeschooling.

5.  Behind the Blog: 10 Things You May Not Know About My Family – This choice may seem a bit obvious, but it’s one of my favorites because I got the chance to share some things about myself and my family that don’t come up too often in my posts.

6.  The Rundown: Disney World Edition – This is one of my favorite posts because it’s all about our time at Disney World.   I hate that I had to let go of my Week in Review posts, but it was getting harder and harder to get them done each week.   I can’t think of a better way to close out my Rundown posts than sharing some highlights from our trip to the happiest place on earth.

My Favorite Posts from 2015: The Rundown - Disney World Edition
7.  The Gift of Homeschool – As I shared in my Reader Favorites from 2015, this was one of my favorites because I don’t get the chance to celebrate homeschool and the blessings that come with it in person too much.

I’ll gladly talk about homeschooling any time, any place, but I have to choose my words carefully.  When these well-meaning conversations happen, some folks interpret celebrating homeschool as a criticism of other educational options, even when those other options aren’t even mentioned in the conversations.  Sheesh!  This was a favorite post because I got to celebrate homeschooling without worrying about who might be offended by it.

8.  What a New Homeschooler Doesn’t Need to Hear from You – This was one of my favorite posts from this year because, along the same lines as my #7 pick, I just don’t get to say these things in my day-to-day interactions.

9.  An Invitation to Rest – One of the things I’m passionate about as a parent — and a follower of Christ — is avoiding the busyness epidemic at all costs.  This post was one I felt convicted to write and it’s absolutely one of my favorite posts from 2015.

My Favorite Posts from 2015: An Invitation to Rest + Free Scripture Prints
10.  5 Things We Couldn’t Homeschool Without – This was one of my favorites from this year because it was a good reminder for me that we don’t need all of the expensive curriculum, co-op classes, or even the latest gadgets in order to homeschool successfully.

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