Homeschooling Preschool: Favorite Letter of the Week Resources

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It’s not really typical for this Type A, rule-following mom, but following our preschool curriculum isn’t exactly my strong point. About once a week while I’m cutting various animal parts out of construction paper scraps, I find myself asking why I can’t follow my preschool curriculum. It would certainly be easier that way.

While I’m happy with our God’s Little Explorers, there are times when the weekly plan doesn’t work for us.  It’s a good curriculum; it honestly is.  It covers letters, math concepts, Bible, music, art, games, and more.

Homeschooling Preschool: Favorite Letter of the Week Resources

Even with all of that goodness, there are weeks where straying is necessary.  Sometimes it’s because needed supplies are tough to find, sometimes it’s because the weekly theme isn’t suited to life at that moment, and sometimes, gasp, it’s because I’d just rather do something different.

Our Favorite Letter of the Week Resources

I’ve become quite skilled at piecing together a preschool plan that we can follow due to those weeks where our God’s Little Explorers doesn’t jive with our needs.

Here’s a recap a quick recap of how we approach preschool from home:

  • We use books from our collection that highlight either the weekly theme or our letter of the week.  If we don’t have the books we need, we head to one of our local libraries and borrow what we need.  We try to read at least one book each day.
  • We pick one letter animal to make as a simple construction paper craft.  I cut and draw the more detailed items in each craft, but she does the positioning, gluing, and often writes her own letter on each project.
  • We use printable packs to help with letter and theme recognition, prewriting, and math skills.
Favorite Letter of the Week Resources

In all of my supplementing and replacing, I’ve been fortunate to have several go-to sites for Letter of the Week fun.  If you’re working on letters or early education concepts, you’ll want to know about them.  They’re kinda wonderful:

  • This Reading Mama – These printable packs (and posts) are great for letter introduction.
  • 3 Dinosaurs – There are so many great preschool resources on this site, but we are particularly fond of these Romping & Roaring ABC Packs.  One thing I appreciate is that the packs are broken up into several parts.  This makes it easy to only download and print what your child needs, which is very helpful in regards to supplementing.
  • Teaching Mama – I love these Alphabet Printable Packs.  I especially recommend these if you’re working with younger preschoolers.  They’re just right for the littlest of your littles.
  • 123 Homeschool 4 Me – These aren’t organized by letter, but instead focus on certain themes.  These are a fun way to incorporate some of your kiddo’s interests with your weekly letter.
  • To the Moon and Back – There are lots of great freebies on here, but I’ve counted on the ABC’s of Bible Study posts quite a bit thus far.
Favorite Letter of the Week Resources

If you’re looking for Letter of the Week resources, please know that I’ve found these sites to be lifesavers.  These ladies have put in lots of time to create all of these freebies and I’m so grateful!  Be sure to check them out if you’ve got little ones.

I’ve also been known to stash a bazillion of my Letter of the Week finds on my Preschool Letter of the Week Board on Pinterest.  If you teach preschoolers, you should drop by and take a look.  I’m constantly adding to it and my other boards as I prepare for our homeschool each week.

Not feeling confident about preschool at home?

Don’t miss my Ultimate Guide to Homeschooling Preschool, but be encouraged because you are more than capable of teaching your child and laying the foundation needed for a lifetime of learning.  It doesn’t take much to spur them along.  Even something as simple as this Letter of the Week focus can make a big difference for your preschooler.

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