Considering Homeschool

When we began homeschooling in 2009, we didn’t actually know any homeschoolers.  We met a wonderful homeschool family (now precious friends of ours) a few months after we started, but that was it for our homeschool beginnings.  You can imagine what that must have been like.  We just didn’t have people to observe and go to for help or encouragement.

We did a lot of praying and I did lots of research for an entire year before taking this huge leap of faith. It was a big job, but we knew that it was right for us.  Here we are more than five years later loving this life that God called us to live.

Considering Homeschool

I’ve been asked about getting started with homeschool throughout the years and there just aren’t any quick answers.  I’ve recently gone through my emails and messages and put them all together in a much more organized package.

If you’re wondering if homeschool is right for your family, this Considering Homeschool Series is just for you.  Grab some coffee or tea (I prefer peppermint), get comfortable, and let’s explore this homeschool thing.  Here are the posts in my Considering Homeschool series:

  • On Your Mark, Get Set… – Reading, research, and reflection: Not always the most enjoyable stops on this journey, but necessary nonetheless.  Before we get into the fun stuff, we’ve got to talk about legal aspects and why you’re considering homeschool..
  • Home from the Start – Here’s a look at preschool at home; what it looks like to homeschool from the very beginning.
  • Methods – This is an overview of several popular educational philosophies and methods of homeschooling.
  • Day to Day Logistics – How on earth does this homeschool thing actually work?
  • Homeschool on a Budget – So, you checked out some curriculum vendors and almost had a panic attack.  I get it… Let’s talk about ways to homeschool and still treat your budget with the kindness it deserves.
  • Transitioning to Homeschool – What’s on your to-do list if you’re considering saying goodbye to public school or private school?  Here are suggestions on making the transition smoothly.
  • Wrapping Up – Socialization and homeschooling high school are covered here, as well as some final thoughts about homeschool in general.

You can see how this is a much nicer place to store my getting started suggestions. Can you imagine how ridiculously long those email exchanges were?  Good gosh…

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If you’re considering homeschool, you may also find my Homeschool 101 series helpful. It’s a five-post series that covers some of these topics from another perspective — the perspective of someone who has most likely started homeschooling, but may need help in a few areas or to fine-tune some aspects of day-to-day homeschool life.

Homeschool 101: The Basics of Home Education

If you have further questions, please send an email or get in touch with me through social media.  I’m happy to help!

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