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Children’s Ministry: there’s no better place in your church to build up a generation who loves God more than this world.  It’s a privilege to serve in Children’s Ministry.

I’ve worked in Children’s Ministry, affectionately known as KidMin, for as long as I can remember.  In fact, I’ve been serving in different KidMin roles since I was a teenager.  Along the way, I’ve come to depend on several amazing sources for curriculum, lesson ideas, music, crafts, and more.  Here’s my list of Children’s Ministry favorites.

Favorite KidMin Resources Children's Ministry helpers


  • Children’s Ministry Deals–  This site is great because it offers lots of great freebies, music resources, videos, and curriculum.  I particularly like being able to get the first lesson in many of the curriculum choices for free.  This gives you a chance to be sure that you’ve found exactly what you need before paying.
  • Children’s Ministry Magazine- This is the KidMin resource I’ve used the longest. This tried and true site is home to free lessons and games, Group Publishing’s Children’s Ministry Store, KidMin Conferences, and great tips and resources for teachers.  This is definitely a great site to explore if you’re new to KidMin or if you haven’t served in a while.  Also worth mentioning, the magazine itself is worth every penny.
  • Go Fish Guys– They’ve made big strides in the KidMin world in recent years, but the Go Fish Guys started with a focus of making music that kids and parents could enjoy together. Since then, they’ve been able to incorporate their music into great VBS and curriculum resources. Check out their YouTube page; it’s a great place to start if you’re not familiar with their music.
  • Guildcraft Arts & Crafts– Guildcraft is great if you’re looking for prepackaged crafts that fit specific seasonal or VBS themes.  It’s also great for craft supplies in general.
  • Lifeway Kids– Believe it or not, there was a time when KidMin carried on quite nicely without Pinterest.  It was different, but it was doable and that was because of publishers like Group and Lifeway Christian Resources.  Lifeway is and has always been a go-to resource for VBS and Sunday School.  Their KidMin site is linked to their store, but also has encouragement and helpful articles for all sorts of KidMin workers.
  • Ministry to Children- This is a free site that’s chock-full of lessons – seasonal and themed, beautiful coloring pages, games, and reviews.  While I’ve used it for all of these things, I can’t say enough about the seasonal lessons.  I’ve been blown away with how thorough the material is and the fact that it’s available for free.  What a blessing!
  • Sermons 4 Kids- Are you serving in a church with a limited budget?  If so, Sermons 4 Kids could be an answer to prayer.  This free site is particularly helpful if your church does a Children’s Church setup that keeps kids with the congregation for part of a church service and then dismisses them to Children’s Church.  The homepage is updated each week with a Sermon of the Week that includes links to related activities, games, printables, and songs.  There’s even a customizable worship bulletin included each week.
    • Your main expenses each week are the cost of printing worship bulletin, coloring pages, etc. and possible supplies for activities.
    • Each sermon is usually an object lesson and is fairly short.  You can adapt as needed to fit your group, but the short length is ideal for groups that include all ages.
    • The site also has an index of user-submitted lessons.  This is great if you’re looking for help teaching a specific passage or concept, but it’s not guaranteed to have the same number of additional resources as the weekly sermons.
Favorite KidMin Resources Children's Ministry helpers - Yancy Ministries Children's Music Ministry
Yancy and my son after an amazing family concert in August 2014.
  • Yancy- Last, but certainly not least, Yancy’s ministry is such a gift!  Her worship resources are perfect for children’s ministry.  If you’re looking for music for your kids (at church or at home) that actually sounds like something they’d listen to by choice, Yancy is your answer.  Gone are the days of super cheesy music that no one really wants to hear.  The music is age appropriate and relevant, but the lyrics are filled with wisdom, encouragement, and worship.  It’s what’s been missing from KidMin for a long time.

These resources, along with Pinterest and other KidMin workers who share their experiences have helped me in many ways throughout the years. There are others out there, but these are the ones I come back to over and over again.  Did I miss your favorite KidMin resource?  What are your favorites?

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