10 Fantastically Fun Fall Art Projects

Something about pumpkin spice and cooler weather always puts my kiddos in the mood to get creative. That’s left me searching for some new fall art projects for them to enjoy.

Fall art projects are a great way to celebrate autumn with your kiddos!

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When I search for art projects, I generally look for three things: projects that don’t use tons of art supplies, projects that can be easily modified if needed, and projects that showcase individuality.

Here are my favorite fall art projects that meet that criteria:

10 Fantastic Fall Art Projects

1. Autumn Handprint Tree

I love finding art projects that will work well for both of my artists, the four year-old and the 10 year-old. This cute autumn handprint tree is one of those that checks both boxes. And, while I may need to help my little one with the tree trunk, I know she’ll be delighted to work on the fingertip leaves.

2. 3D Paper Pumpkin

Art for Kids Hub has several great fall art projects, but this 3D Pumpkin stands out to me the most. I like sharing this kind of art with my kids — especially my oldest — because of the challenge involved. These 3D projects make him think outside the art box and give him a great feeling of accomplishment when they’re completed.

3.  Fall Reflections Painting

I found this fall art project on Pinterest a while back and knew both of my kiddos would love it! The original link doesn’t specify what kind of paint to use, but we used tempera paints for the trees and leaves and opted for blue watercolor paints for the sky and water.

10 Fantastic Fall Art Projects

Also worth noting, while we chose to use reds, greens, and browns for our trees, the colors could easily be adjusted to create a version of this painting for spring or summer.

4. Woven Pumpkin Paintings

Who knew the woven paper technique would create such fun pumpkin paintings? Learn how to make them in this tutorial from Masterpiece Society.

When you’re done, be sure to check out the other fun fall-inspired art ideas from Masterpiece Society:

5. Watercolor Whimsies – Fall Edition

This fall-themed watercolor course is so fun! In it, your kiddos will learn how to put a whimsical twist on plants, animals, and foliage associated with autumn. And the best part? You’ll only need watercolors and a permanent pen to make it happen!

PS: you can learn more about another one of our favorite fall courses, The Art of Fall, here: Exploring Mixed Media with the Art of Fall.

6. Nature Art

Why not incorporate nature study into your fall art projects? You can get all the specifics in this gorgeous DIY tutorial, but it really amounts to going on a nature walk, collecting leaves, and framing them. 

Fantastically Fun Fall Art Ideas ~ DIY Nature Art

7. Autumn Scenes from Draw Write Now

Draw Write Now Book 2 is a perfect place to go for help with drawing items associated with fall. It gives step-by-step instructions for drawing leaves, pumpkins, scarecrows, and more. These items can be drawn individually, but there are great suggestions on how to put the individual drawings together to create awesome autumn scenes.

8.  Chalk Pastel Leaves

I came across an idea for pastel art and decided it would be a fun one to try with my kids. I planned to use a few leaves from our yard, but that didn’t work out so well.

It was tough to find even a handful of leaves (ours are still on the trees) and I noticed creepy crawlies all over the ones I did find. Unfortunately I didn’t see them until after I brought them inside. True story.

10 Fantastic Fall Art Projects

Needless to say, construction paper leaves worked perfectly after all. We were thrilled with how this project turned out!

9. Painted Leaves

It’s going to be a few more weeks before the trees fully release their leaves in my semi-coastal area, but I look forward to trying this painted leaves project with my kids when they start to fall. They love hunting for leaves and they love painting, so it’s a given that they’ll be thrilled to try this fun project.

10.  Yarn Trees

I love this idea for yarn trees for little learners who aren’t comfortable with art supplies like paints and pastels. I also love that it’s an easy project to prepare and that it uses minimal supplies. All you need is strips of yarn in fall colors, some paper, and glue.

10 Fantastically Fun Fall Art Projects

What about you? What kind of fall art projects do your kiddos enjoy?

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