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I’ve served in several church ministries throughout the years and, because my husband has served in student ministry, music ministry, and now family ministry, by default I have too.  Believe me, I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I love being a family working together in ministry.

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In addition to his ministry roles, I’ve helped with missions, women’s ministry, special events, and served in other various capacities along the way.   It only makes sense that I would have a big list of ministry resources that I’ve come to love over the years, right?

Here’s a list of my go-to ministry resources.  These are the resources that have helped me time and time again throughout the years and they could be a great help to you too!

Big List of Ministry Resources

Children’s Ministry– This is where I’ve found myself working in most of the churches we’ve served.  Even before I was a parent, I had a home in KidMin and don’t see myself moving on anytime soon.  Playing a small role in helping kids become who God needs them to be is a humbling thing.

Here’s my list of KidMin favorites.  Check out my Favorite KidMin Sites for information on these sites.

Youth Ministry– My husband started in Youth Ministry in 2001, meaning that I also started in Youth Ministry in 2001. Because of other obligations in some of our churches, I haven’t always been able to support all of our Youth Ministries the way I’d like.  However, not being physically present and not being supportive are two different things. I love talking to my hubby about Youth Ministry because it’s his passion and I’m always happy to help when I can.  These are my favorite Youth Ministry sites.  I can guarantee that his list would be three times as longs as mine, but here are mine nonetheless:

Women’s Ministry- These Women’s Ministry resources have impacted my life as a ministry volunteer and as a woman on the receiving end of Women’s Ministry.  From conferences to women’s Bible studies to church ministry resources, these sites are overflowing with encouragement and opportunities to refresh and renew the women around you.

Missions- We typically end up in Southern Baptist churches. Please note that a few of my favorite missions resources are SBC-related (WMU, IMB, & NAMB), but still contain tons of great free resources and information that would be useful for any denomination.

Family Ministry– The concept of Family Ministry is still rather fresh for lots of churches.  Therefore, there just aren’t as many go-to resources available in this arena yet.  With that said, what is available is still considered ground-breaking to many, but it’s all too good to not investigate.  As a parent and wife, Family Ministry is exactly what I need in my church.  I’m so thankful that these great organizations have forged a path for families to worship and grow together in churches.

Music Ministry–  Of all of our areas of ministry in churches through the years, I suppose this one is the one that tends to vary the most from place to place.  If you’re involved in music ministry, chances are you already have your dependable favorites and don’t need any help here. I don’t have a ton of suggestions in this ministry category because music needs are so specific to each church.  Budget, musical ability, and music preferences are just a few factors to consider where Music Ministry is concerned.  These are definitely not “one size fits all” resources, but are helpful for their target audiences.

Christian Education/Bible Studies– Whether you’re looking for Sunday School curriculum or small group studies for toddlers, “seasoned” adults, and everyone in between, these are the first places we look for Christian education materials.  Some of these are bookstores, some are publishers, and some are actual authors.

This list is always growing.  Check back from time to time to see what I’ve added and pass it along to anyone looking for great ministry resources.  As I’ve said, these resources have helped my ministry family serve many different people throughout the years.  They could be exactly what you’re looking for too!

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