Exploring Mixed Media with The Art of Fall

Looking for some art inspiration to enjoy during the autumn months of homeschooling? This fall-themed mixed media workshop can help!

Looking for some art inspiration to enjoy during the autumn months of homeschooling? This fall-themed mixed media workshop can help!

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Here’s the thing: my nine year-old has always loved art, but tends to gravitate towards one style.   In fact, it takes something special to get him out of his anime comfort zone.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s great with his comic-style drawings.  The problem is that he’s so comfortable with that genre that he doesn’t usually take time to explore the rest of the art world.  Masterpiece Society to the rescue!  And not a moment too soon.  The Art of Fall Mixed Media Workshop was just what he needed to get outside of his box and get creative.

Our experience with The Art of Fall

We’ve always loved fall around here and all of the beauty that comes with it, but (no surprise here) I’ve never known how to express that through art.  You can imagine how excited we were to see the huge variety of projects to be explored through The Art of Fall and how these projects perfectly capture the spirit of fall.  The projects are truly beautiful and perfect for displaying in your home or even sharing with friends and family.  Better yet is that we have plenty of wonderful art projects to last us through this glorious season!

As for The Boy, I was pleasantly surprised by how excited he’s been about this workshop. I knew he would love it before it was all over, but I didn’t expect him to love it from the start. Boy, was I wrong!  In fact, upon finishing his first project, he said, “Mom, I’ve always wanted to do this kind of art, but I’ve never known where to start with it.  I didn’t think this was something I could ever do!”  Bless him.

Also worth noting here is that Alisha Gratehouse is a wonderful instructor!  The Boy has loved her lessons, not only for the actual instruction, but because she makes these projects so fun.  I found him laughing out loud in his lessons so many times I lost count!  He’s enjoying the art, but he’s also enjoying her as a teacher.  That’s an added bonus!

Exploring Mixed Media with The Art of Fall

One particularly wonderful thing about this workshop is that he’s finally embraced painting with watercolors!  I don’t know what his hangup was, but he’s always hated working with watercolors in the past.  Not with The Art of Fall! He’s already done a couple of watercolor projects from the workshop and is ready to tackle the rest of them.  He was so proud of his watercolor leaves that he wanted to send some back to my mom in Alabama.  How sweet is that?!?

Other than the two watercolor projects, he’s already enjoyed chalkboard art, hand lettering, collage art, and acrylic painting. We’re holding off a bit on the art journals since it still looks like summer here in eastern NC, but plan to get started once our leaves start to turn. The journaling projects are a great incentive to get out, explore our neighborhood, and get back into the habit of taking nature walks.  I can’t wait for him to get started on these!

Exploring Mixed Media with The Art of Fall

Prissy and I aren’t letting The Boy have all of the fun with The Art of Fall!   I’ve already tried my first hand lettering chalkboard project and plan to do several more.  I’m finding hand lettering to be rather addictive!  I’ve got plenty of practicing to do, but I enjoyed my first attempt enough to keep going.  Trust me, if I can do this, anyone can!

Prissy has also been exploring The Art of Fall.  Since she’s three years-old, a collage project was the perfect thing  for her.  She had the chance to choose her own paint colors, mix them, choose papers and arrangements, and even add dimension through layering.

Folks, she honestly did most of the work.  My only role in this project was cutting her paper since there was detailed cutting involved.  This was a such a good fit for her and she was thrilled to be doing the same kind of project her brother had just finished!  I think it turned out pretty stinking cute, but I’m probably a bit partial.

A Few Things to Know about The Art of Fall

We genuinely love this workshop and are so thankful to have found it!  This has truly been a gift for The Boy and has given him the confidence needed to explore different areas of art.  Regardless of your child’s artistic ability or experience, The Art of Fall is a fantastic way to capture the beauty of fall through art!

While it’s geared towards older kids (eight and up), it’s a great workshop for tweens, teens, and adults, too!  As for younger kids, some of the projects can be tackled with the help of an adult.  I don’t see three year-old Prissy doing too many of these, but there are definitely a few more she can enjoy with my help.  The bottom line here is that this doesn’t have to be something just for your kids to do; it’s  a wonderful way to get creative as a family!

You can learn more about The Art of Fall: Mixed Media Workshop or purchase the workshop by heading to Masterpiece Society. Remember, your purchase gives you lifetime access to these 20 projects!  You are going to love exploring mixed media with The Art of Fall!

Lastly, you can check out more of our experiences with Masterpiece Society through the following posts. It won’t take long to see why this is our go-to resource for homeschool art!

Exploring Mixed Media with The Art of Fall

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