Digital Music Production from Mr. D Math: a Self-Paced Class for Homeschoolers

Got a creative kiddo who’s interested in technology? Here’s what you need to know about Mr. D Math’s Digital Music Production course and how it can help you bring technology and music education together.

Looking for a new approach to music education in the new homeschool year? Mr. D Math’s self-paced Digital Music Production course can help!

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My oldest kiddo has always been a music lover, but he happens to be a music lover who is also into technology. For years now, he’s been specifically interested in the game development side of technology, which involves lots of creative components like storytelling, art, and music. 

Because of that, he’s been curious about the different ways of creating music, particularly those that can be used in game creation. That’s how this Digital Music Production course made its way to our homeschool lineup. My son is working through the lessons and loving this opportunity to create in new and exciting ways.

Digital Music Production from Mr. D Math: a Self-Paced Class for Homeschoolers

Before I share my takeaways from this digital music class, here are some things to note. 

Digital Music Production Overview

This Digital Music Production course from Mr. D Math is designed with students from upper elementary grades through high school in mind. It contains 16 self-paced modules, which means you can determine how quickly to move through the lessons. 

The Digital Music Production course covers the following digital music concepts:

  • MIDI sequencing
  • Synthesis
  • Digital audio recording
  • Editing
  • Mixing
  • the production process
  • and more! 
Mr. D Math’s Digital Music Production course can help you bring technology and music education together.

Worth noting, there’s no need to purchase special software or tools for the course. The course provides guidance and access instructions for all of the tools used for the lessons. 

Finally, all of these digital music production lessons take place under the guidance and instruction of Brent Daniels, a music industry veteran. In other words, students learn the ins and outs of modern music from someone who has navigated the changes in the industry.

Why Choose Digital Music Production for Your Homeschool Student?

Now that you’ve had an overview of Mr. D Math’s Digital Music Production class, here are some reasons you should consider adding it to your homeschool lineup. Better yet, these are specifically drawn from the feedback my son has shared while working through the lessons.

1. It’s taught by a professional music producer.

Let’s face it, we live in a wonderful time that affords plenty of opportunities to learn about lots of topics and acquire new skills. That’s a wonderful thing, but it’s one that often comes with some less-than-credible instruction. Unfortunately, the less-than-credible sources can leave us high and dry when trying to learn something new. That’s not the case with Digital Music Production through Mr. D Math.

REVIEW: Mr. D Math’s Digital Music Production Class for Homeschoolers

My teen specifically loves that this course is taught by a professional rather than, as he put it, “some random guy on YouTube.” Not only does this mean that the skills and instructions are valid, it means they’re taught in a logical sequence that lends itself to music education.

2. Music production is an overlooked skill.

There are lots of fantastic options for teaching music appreciation in a homeschool setting. There are also plenty of ways to learn an instrument. 

These are both incredibly valuable, but there’s also value in teaching music through the context we usually hear it. And, in the words of my teen, “A lot of the charm and soul of a song comes from the producer.”

REVIEW: Mr. D Math’s Digital Music Production Class for Homeschoolers

That’s where this digital music production course shines. It takes concepts learned in music appreciation, music theory, and even specific instruments and shows students how all of this works together to create music as we know it.

3. It’s an accessible entry point.

If you’ve got a student who has never been into learning to play an instrument or is uninterested in music appreciation, digital music production could be the very thing that piques interest. After all, this is how the music found on albums, advertisements, movies, TV shows, video games, and layered in the background of their favorite YouTube channels is created.  

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Simply put, the things you learn apply to virtually every kind of music out there. That makes this an ideal entry point for music education and one that develops skills that can be used in many ways.

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In closing, we’re happy to recommend this Digital Music Production course. It’s a fantastic way to bring technology and music education together while also adding a fresh yet practical music application to your homeschool lineup. 

Mr. D Math’s Digital Music Production course can help you bring technology and music education together.