Dancing Through Life Review

Can I confess something to you?  I intentionally let the dirty laundry pile up all weekend so I can do laundry on Mondays.  I want to have lots of laundry to fold and put away on Monday evenings. Why is this?  It’s so I can watch Dancing with the Stars live, guilt-free and with few interruptions.  Dancing with the Stars (DWTS) is literally the only thing I don’t watch through streaming or DVR.  It’s my guilty pleasure.

When I learned that Candace Cameron Bure would be competing in Season 18 of DWTS, I did my own dancing – the happy dance!  After all, as a kid in the 90’s, I pretty much wanted to be D.J. Tanner from Full House.  It was so exciting to watch her each week competing with wonderful dancers and sharing her faith at the same time!

A Review of Candace Cameron Bure's Dancing Through Life

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Season 18 of DWTS came and went and Candace did wonderfully in the competition, earning her third place.  As someone who watched and voted for her each week, I knew the ups and downs of her season on the show.  When Candace released Dancing Through Life, I was more than happy to learn more about her experience on the show.

Courage, Conviction, & the Christian Life

As a DWTS fan, I felt like I had been given a backstage pass to Season 18 while reading Dancing Through Life.  It’s not surprising to learn, but there was much more happening behind the scenes for her than I ever realized while watching the season.  Through this book, Candace candidly shares the pressures of following her convictions before the season started all the way to the finish line.

While I saw some of the conversations on social media throughout the course of the season, I also didn’t realize how many people (Christians and non-Christians alike) were dissecting her every move on the show.  Her wardrobe selections, so-called suggestive nature of the choreography or lack thereof, and her relationship with her husband and kids were hot topics all season long!  Talk about having grace under fire!  Living with conviction wasn’t easy through all of it, but Candace shares how God helped her through it all.

God calls all of us to live with conviction. - Candace Cameron Bure, Dancing Through Life

Additionally, I was beyond blessed to learn of Candace’s motivation and heart for competing.  It goes far beyond winning a dance competition!  And learning more about the impact of her time with Mark Ballas, her professional parter, absolutely brought me to tears.  Just ask my husband, I read quite a few of those passages to him!  You truly get a glimpse of how Candace’s determination to fully live her Christian faith carried her to the finale and into the homes of thousands of viewers all while God was using her to be light to those who were watching up close and from the television screen.


Ballroom Meets Real Life

Don’t think this book is just a memoir about Candace’s season on Dancing with the Stars, though.  While Candace does a wonderful job sharing how her experiences with DWTS relate to her faith, she also shares how her experiences translate to life off the dance floor.  This book is chockfull of biblical wisdom and examples of practical application in the life of a Christ-follower.

Sure, I loved that Candace’s DWTS experience is the backdrop in Dancing Through Life, but the encouragement to live with passion for Christ makes this book one that I needed to read.  I so needed the reminder to live with intention in all of my platforms:  the big platforms where lots are watching and the smaller ones where only a few seem to see. My influence matters and it’s not something to be taken lightly.  To have received that ever-important reminder in Dancing Through Life was an unexpected blessing.

Attitude is everything - Dancing Through Life by Candace Cameron Bure

Bottom Line

Candace Cameron Bure’s Dancing Through Life is a fantastic read for lots of reasons.  If you’re a Christian looking for encouragement for living out your faith in your day-to-day life, this book is for you.  Also, if you’re a Dancing with the Stars fan and you’re curious about a contestant’s perspective and experiences in the competition, there’s plenty to keep you engaged.  Either way, Dancing Through Life is an encouraging read that reflects on Candace’s experience on DWTS while beautifully paralleling it to her life as a Christ-follower.

With that said, will you enjoy the book even if you’re not a DWTS fan?  Most likely, but it’s hard for me to be sure since I understood and enjoyed the DWTS references.  Will you enjoy the book if you’re not a Christian and have no desire to be one?  Eh, probably not, but you could certainly benefit from it.  🙂  (Just keeping it real for you!)  If you’re a Christian and a DWTS fan, no questions asked, you’ll love this book!

A Review of Candace Cameron Bure's Dancing Through Life

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