Using CTC Math with Early Learners

Math is a four-letter word that intimidates homeschool parents like no other, but I’m glad it doesn’t have to be that way.  Your children can build a strong math foundation from the beginning of the homeschool journey while you barely lift a finger. 

CTC Math - A Strong Math Foundation for Early Learners

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If you haven’t heard the choir of angels singing yet, it won’t be long now. I’ve discovered CTC Math and I can’t wait to tell you about it!  But first you should know our math backstory:

We had a rocky start with math in our homeschool.  I began homeschooling my now ten year-old when he was in preschool.  Starting him at age three, we primarily worked through age-level workbooks and read lots of good books.

That was great, but there was little emphasis on math.  He did the workbook pages and played math-themed games, but that’s pretty much it.  That worked well enough for a few years, but that didn’t prepare him for the math concepts that came along with first and second grade.  Because of that, we spent the next three years trying to find math curriculum that speaks his language and meets his needs as a student.

CTC Math - A Strong Math Foundation for Early Learners
The moral of that story is to start strong and avoid that three year math disaster we experienced.  Lay a solid math foundation in the early years and bypass that math drama.  That may be the very thing that makes your child a math lover rather than a math hater!

That’s where CTC Math comes in.  I didn’t know about this math option when my son was younger, but that doesn’t mean I can’t learn from my mistakes. My daughter has used this online curriculum for kindergarten math for a few months and it’s definitely helping her start strong!  The best part is that she’s learning independently and having fun!

CTC Math Overview

So, what is CTC Math and what makes it different from other homeschool math choices? I’m so glad you asked!

It’s an online math curriculum for grades K-12 that allows students to work at their own pace and allows as much (or as little) parent involvement as desired.

CTC Math is a simple and effective approach to math.  No lesson preparation, no grading, and no manipulatives all over the floor. The lessons are presented through videos that are thorough, yet not overwhelming.  Each lesson comes with review questions and includes additional questions to be used as needed to ensure mastery.

As far as records are concerned, CTC Math makes it easy to stay informed about student progress through email reports and an organized parent dashboard on the site.  All records are printable, making it easy to document lessons for homeschool portfolios.

CTC Math - A Strong Math Foundation for Early Learners
Lesson reports and student activity details are also available.  These are effortless ways for parents to know when lessons have been viewed and questions have been attempted, as well as mastery specifics for each attempted lesson.  I love that these can be printed, emailed, and easily converted to Excel files.  These record-keeping features are a bit more than I personally need for my kindergartener, but they make me love CTC Math even more!

CTC Math for Early Learners

One of the first things I noticed about CTC Math is that it’s compatible with modern devices.  Even though CTC Math is perfect for computer use, I took advantage of the compatibility and set it up on my daughter’s Kindle.  This was an easy way to transition her from apps to CTC lessons.

CTC Math - A Strong Math Foundation for Early Learners
Since my daughter loves using her Kindle for reading and math games, I set up her CTC Math account on her Kindle and let her get to work.

We all know that young children aren’t known for having long attention spans.  My little one is no exception!  Since the CTC Math lessons are brief, she stays focused and motivated to complete her tasks.  That makes it easy to encourage independent learning at an early age!

That said, I prefer to stay close by to monitor her lessons and help if she needs me, but it’s great to know that I could be completely hands-off if I wanted to be. I like a curriculum that gives me options!

My Favorite Things About Using
CTC Math for Kindergarten

Here are some specific reasons I like using CTC Math for homeschool kindergarten:

  • It’s perfect for non-readers! Lessons are video-based and the comprehension questions feature audio instructions.
  • Students work at their own pace.
  • Since lessons are short, young kids aren’t overwhelmed by the time spent doing math work.
  • Interactive lessons keep students interested.
  • Printable lesson summaries are included with lessons.
  • Explanations are age-appropriate.  Complex concepts are introduced, but in terms young children can understand.

CTC Math - A Strong Math Foundation for Early Learners
My daughter is benefiting greatly from her time using CTC Math and her big brother has noticed how much she’s learned.  It’s not uncommon at all for him to walk in the room while she’s doing her lesson and say, “You’re learning ______ in kindergarten? I didn’t learn that until second or third grade!”

Using CTC Math in Your Homeschool

Remember, you don’t have to stress over laying that strong math foundation for your kids.  With the 60% membership discount offered to homeschool families, now is the time to sit back and let CTC Math do the work for you!

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Want to know more, but aren’t quite ready to purchase? Check out CTC Math for yourself by signing up for a free trial.

And, because the folks at CTC Math are awesome, they’re giving away a one-year membership to five lucky families.  Take a moment and enter the giveaway below!

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Have you tried CTC Math in your family? What are your thoughts?

A Strong Math Foundation for Early Learners - CTC Math

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