Cute & Easy Cross Ornament Christmas Craft for Kids

Need a quick and easy Christmas craft to make with your kids? We’ve got a super cute cross ornament tutorial you’re going to love!

Need a quick and easy Christmas craft to enjoy with your kids? We’ve got a super cute cross ornament tutorial you’re going to love!

One of our favorite things about this easy cross ornament craft is that you need to get outside to make it happen. It’s not every day that you gather craft supplies from your yard or the park, but it’s necessary for this project! 🙂

Kid-friendly Christmas Cross Ornament Craft

Ready to get started with our cross ornament? Here’s what you’ll need to gather: 

Cross Ornament Supply List

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  • Sticks (We looked for thin sticks that could be used to make ornaments that would be around 4 inches long.)
  • Craft paint (We typically use Craft Smart and Apple Barrel paints.)
  • Paintbrush
  • Scissors
  • Twine or 3/8 inch craft ribbon
  • Tacky glue or hot glue gun and sticks
Christmas Cross Ornament Craft Supplies

Once you have the supplies needed for the project, you can get started with your cross ornaments.

Christmas Cross Ornament Tutorial

1. Clean the sticks.

Gently dust off and remove any dirt or flakes of bark from the sticks. You can also help your kiddos trim the sticks to a similar length if you were unable to find enough similarly-sized sticks.

While there’s no specific size requirement, remember you’ll need two groups of sticks for each cross. Each group of sticks should be generally the same size, with one group being a little shorter than the other.

Cross Christmas Ornament Craft - Step 1

When the sticks are clean and trimmed, have your kids experiment with placement by positioning them into the shape of a cross. If they’re happy with the shape, move on to Step 2.

Note, this is also a good time to see if additional sticks are needed to fill out the ornament. If that’s the case, clean and trim the new additions before moving on.

2. Paint the sticks. 

After you’ve prepared the sticks you’ll use, spread them out and carefully paint them with the craft paint. When the first side is dry, turn over the sticks and paint the backs.

Keep in mind that some sticks may need an additional coat of paint since the surfaces and coverage will vary.

If you have some glitter paint on hand, consider adding a layer of it before securing the sticks. This bit of glitter helps darker colors stand out when displayed on the Christmas tree.

Cross Christmas Ornament Craft - Step 2
TIP: Use extra sticks to create a DIY drying rack for the painting process.

3. Place in position and glue.

Once the paint is completely dry on all of the sticks, line up the longer group of sticks. Next, add some of the tacky glue to the area where the horizontal sticks will intersect with the vertical group. This will create the vertical back of the cross ornament. 

When the glue dries, repeat the process for the horizontal group of sticks placed on the front.

Cross Christmas Ornament Craft - Step 3

Want to speed up this process? Skip the tacky glue and use a hot glue gun to join the groups of sticks together. That said, you’ll want to take over on this step or closely supervise your kiddo if you opt for hot glue.

4. Secure and enjoy!

Lastly, use ribbon or twine to add the accent to the center of the cross. Do this by holding the twine in place with a finger and wrapping it around one corner of the intersection several times in the same direction. 

Then, rotate the cross and repeat the wrapping process exactly like before. Rotate and repeat as needed to securely wrap the center of the cross ornament. This rotating and wrapping pattern will create an X where the sticks intersect.

Cross Ornament Craft for Kids - Step 4

Add another dab of glue on the back of the center to secure the twine. You can also add a loop of twine or ribbon to that dab of glue and use it as a hanger for the ornament.

Once that last bit of glue dries, your ornament is ready to display and enjoy!

Need a quick and easy Christmas craft to enjoy with your kids? We’ve got a super cute cross ornament tutorial you’re going to love!

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