Christmas Tree Art ~ Easy Mixed Media Project for Kids

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Looking for Christmas art projects for your kids? I think you’re going to love this Mixed Media Christmas Tree Art Project. It’s a fun, easy, and adorable project that kids of all ages can tackle.

Christmas Tree Art ~ Easy Mixed Media Project for Kids

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My ten year-old did this project on his own, but my four year did also. I was nearby to provide instruction, but they did the work and had a great time with it. Let’s have a look at the steps, shall we?

Fun & Easy Christmas Tree Art Project

One thing I love about this Christmas tree art is how we already had all of the supplies for it. I’m always happy about art projects that don’t require extra purchases! If you do a lot of art projects in your home, it’s possible that you already have these on hand also. Here’s what we used:

Once you gather the supplies needed, you can get started on the project.

Step 1: Paint and paper selection

The first step for this Christmas tree mixed media art is to choose paint colors and scrapbook paper for the project. While there’s no right or wrong way to do this step, it’s best to choose a paint color that will compliment the design and color of your scrapbook pages.

Christmas Tree Art ~ Easy Mixed Media Project for Kids

Once you’ve selected the colors and papers for the project, the paint the entire surface of the canvas.  While the layer of paint dries, begin cutting the scrapbook paper and book pages needed for the next step of the project.

Step 2: Paper work

For our layer of snow, we used old Bible pages. Hear me out, I’m not suggesting that you rip up a Bible to do this project. We have an old water-stained Bible that we found in a church storage room. That’s the Bible we use for these projects.

If you don’t have a Bible to use for cutting, pages from an old book or white paint along the bottom of the surface will serve the same purpose. My kids didn’t cut the pages in any specific pattern, but tore from the page instead. That created a more random placement rather than one with sharp, hard lines.

Christmas Tree Art ~ Easy Mixed Media Project for Kids

The shape of the Christmas tree needs to be triangular and can be whatever height your child wishes. My daughter’s tree was shorter and had straight edges, but my son’s tree wasn’t a perfect triangle and had some rounded areas.  Either way works well for the project.

To assemble the paper layers, paint the entire canvas with a layer of Modge Podge. When the surface is covered, carefully line up the paper pieces for the snow and Christmas tree. Then go for a walk and let this layer dry.

Step 3: Pen Work

After the Modge Podge dries, let your kiddo add a rectangle under the Christmas tree using a paint pen. This will be your Christmas tree stump.

Christmas Tree Art ~ Easy Mixed Media Project for Kids

This is also the best time to write “Merry Christmas” or your preferred message on the book pages (or white painted area if you opted for paint instead of paper on the bottom). We also used paint pens for this, but chose a different complimentary color.

Step 4: Detail work

My kids both loved this part of their mixed media Christmas tree art. This was where they got creative and used their paint pens to add snowflakes and tree decor to their paintings.

Christmas Tree Art ~ Easy Mixed Media Project for Kids

My daughter choose a festive scrapbook page for her tree, so hers didn’t need much in the way of decorating. My son, however, used a less-busy page and used the paint pens to add ornaments and garland.

Step 5: Seal it

When the paint pen decor dries, it’s time to seal the project with one more layer of Modge Podge. Be sure all of the painted accents are completely dry. Otherwise the Modge Podge will smudge the paint in the process of sealing the project.

Christmas Tree Art ~ Easy Mixed Media Project for Kids

When the last Modge Podge fully dries, this mixed media Christmas tree art is ready for display. If you used stretched canvas, there’s no need to do anything more.

If you used a canvas panel for the project, you can display it using a small decorative easel or add a ribbon loop for a hanger using a dab of hot glue or craft glue.

Christmas Tree Art ~ Easy Mixed Media Project for Kids

5 Days of Mixed Media Art

I hope your children have as much fun with this Christmas tree art project as mine did! If you’re looking for more mixed media Christmas art projects, don’t miss the others in my 5-day series:

Day 1 – Christmas Tree Art
Day 2 – JOY to the World
Day 3 – A Child Is Born
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Day 5 – O Holy Night

Also, I’d be remiss if I didn’t tell you about my favorite winter art course, Winter Wonderland. This mixed media workshop from Alisha Gratehouse is perfect for older kids, teens, and even adults.

Christmas Tree Art ~ Easy Mixed Media Project for Kids

Also worth noting, the workshop includes lifetime access to all the projects. That allows students to work at their own pace in a busy holiday season. We’ve found that feature to be incredibly helpful!

You can take a look at my Winter Wonderland review or click the image above to learn more. Either way, you’ll want to check it out!

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