100 Christmas Around the World Resources for Your Homeschool

Planning to explore Christmas Around the World in your homeschool this holiday season? You’re in the right place! Today I’m sharing more than 100 resources to help you along.

100 Christmas Around the World Resources for Your Homeschool

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My kiddos and I look forward to learning about Christmas in other countries each year as December approaches. That’s why I’m always looking for new resources to add to our mix and curating a collection of favorites from years past. I’m happy to share these resources with you today in hopes of making your planning a bit easier.

Ideas for Studying Christmas Around the World

We start most of our learning adventures with books. That’s why I want to start with my Christmas Around the World in 100 Books list right away. (You can pin it for later by clicking here.)

For digging deeper, see this Christmas Around the World Study. I especially recommend this if you prefer a paid option that’s interactive, but doesn’t require much planning on your part in an already-busy season.

Note: These Christmas Planet lessons work with your Homeschool Planet subscription. If you’re not a subscriber, we’ve got plenty of Christmas Around the World inspiration for you below!

For printable activities and worksheets, consider this Christmas Around the World Unit from Rock Your Homeschool and this Christmas Around the World lapbook printables from Homeschool Share. Also, you can find a variety of country maps for coloring on Crayola.com. These can be used as needed for your holiday learning.

Food is another fun way to experience Christmas traditions in other parts of the world. This video of American kids trying international Christmas foods is a great example of that. 🙂

I also think it’s fun to make flag ornaments for various countries and display them on your Christmas tree. Lastly, you can download Education.com’s Merry Christmas worksheet and practice the greeting in different languages.

Christmas Around the World, Country by Country

You may prefer to hone in on one or two specific countries as you study Christmas around the world. Here’s a list of resources to check out, country by country.


There are lots of resources available for learning about Christmas in Australia. Learn with Play at Home has a fantastic post that includes traditions, food, and crafts, but you can also look for books like Christmas Wombat and An Aussie Night Before Christmas.

If you’re looking for printable resources, Simple Creative Learning has this mini unit and a similar preschool pack.


For Bolivia, experience Christmas in Bolivia with Tatiana from The Musings of Mum and check out the 1234 Christmas overview.


You can get an overview of Christmas in Brazil with this post from Paradise Praises or this more detailed Christmas in Brazil post from This Crazy Homeschool Life.


Canada is a large country with people from lots of different backgrounds, so it’s hard to lock in on too many Christmas traditions and celebrations that are widespread. That said, you can look at the Why Christmas overview and the Paradise Praises post to get an idea of what happens in each region. I also love Heart and Soul Homeschooling’s Christmas in Canada post.

As for book suggestions, check into A Christmas Dress for Ellen and this A Ptarmigan in a Birch Tree: 12 Days of Christmas in Canada’s North.


While Christmas isn’t typically celebrated in China, Why Christmas does a great job showing the secular celebrations that happen there. Similarly, Cornerstone Confessions shares some insight on why those celebrations are strictly secular.

And since it’s not always easy to find crafts to match Christmas in China, smaller versions of these Chinese lanterns would make nice DIY Christmas ornaments. 🙂


Education.com has a free Christmas in France printable, but you can also learn about Christmas in France with Pere Noel, the storyteller at Epcot’s France Pavilion.

You may also find this to be a great time to read The Family Under the Bridge as a read aloud. It’s not necessarily about French culture, but it’s a wonderful story centering around a Parisian family at Christmastime.


Studying Christmas in Germany? Don’t miss these Christmas in Germany ideas from Rock Your Homeschool and this worksheet pack from Education.com. And, because I can’t resist another chance to think about Walt Disney World, I think you’ll like this Christmas in Germany video from Epcot’s Germany Pavilion.

Also, Wanted Adventure has some Christmas in Germany videos to check out like this one on German Christmas foods and one on weird Christmas traditions.

Worth noting, if you watch the one on the Weird German Christmas Traditions, you may want to skip to the 2 minute, 15 second mark. The first tradition focuses on the counterpart to St. Nicholas who punishes naughty children. No kidding, even as an adult, that parade footage could give me nightmares in a hot minute. The rest of the video is super interesting though.


Why Christmas and 1234Christmas are both great starting points for Christmas in Greece. You can also find a thorough explanation for Greek Christmas traditions at The Boondocks Blog, but this article from Why Christmas specifically dials in on the symbolism involved in Greek celebrations.

Lastly, you can get hands on with your kids with this Christmas boats craft. I also like this 3d version, but I couldn’t find specific instructions for it. You can modify this paper boat by adding a craft stem and some foam Christmas characters or snowflakes (with lots of whites and blues) to get similar results.


For Indonesia, you’ll want to see the Why Christmas overview and look at Christmas in Indonesia by Blessed Learners for a native perspective. For something hands on, you could include these Indonesian paper dolls.


Check out my Christmas in Italy Unit Study for a look at Christmas celebrations, foods, and craft ideas in Italy.

Homeschooling at EPCOT - Pavilions at the World Showcase
My kiddos loved their time with La Befana during our last Epcot trip

You can also learn about Christmas in Italy with La Befana. You can read Tomie dePaola’s The Legend of Old Befana and watch La Befana holiday show from Epcot. (Watch the video from MouseSteps here.)


For Japan, check out Christmas in Japan from Cornerstone Confessions and try your hand at some fun Santa-inspired origami.


If you’re not familiar with Christmas in Kenya, you’ll find this overview from Why Christmas to be helpful. I also like 1234 Christmas’ write-up; they’ve included some great photographs, including a Kenyan Christmas tree. It would also be fun to make a batch of Mandazi (east African donuts) to enjoy as you explore Christmas in Kenya.


The Legend of the Poinsettia by Tomie dePaola is a my favorite place to start learning about Christmas in Mexico.

As far as digging deeper, check out this Christmas in Mexico lesson from Adventures in Mommydom, this printable packet from Education.com, or this Holidays Around the World: Mexico study from Education Possible. You can also watch the Mexico Storyteller for EPCOT’s Holidays Around the World:

Lastly, this cute poinsettia craft would be a pretty addition to a Christmas in Mexico focus.


For the Netherlands, check out Education.com’s printable overview. You may also find this video helpful:

New Zealand

Education Possible’s Christmas in New Zealand study and Education.com’s Christmas in New Zealand packet are great resources. I also like this post from Changes in Longitude. Although it overlaps with Australia, it has some good photos from Christmas in New Zealand.


For Norway, check out the Norway overview from Why Christmas, Eva Varga’s 5 favorite Nordic Christmas recipes, and the Christmas in Norway show with Sigrid and Julenissan at Epcot’s Norway Pavilion.

As for reading, I like Jan Brett’s Who’s that Knocking on Christmas Eve?


Freedom Homeschooling has this Christmas in the Philippines Unit Study. I also like Education.com’s printable overview and this article on the traditional Noche Beuna meal.


You can learn about Christmas in Poland through this overview from Why Christmas, but you can also get the details on a traditional Christmas Eve feast in this post from The Spruce. These “toddler approved” ideas would also be great additions to a Christmas in Poland focus (even for big kids).


Cornerstone Confessions’ Christmas in Russia study and Education.com’s free Christmas in Russia printable are good for overviews of Christmas in Russia.

As far as books, I love Baboushka and the Three Kings and The Miracle Child for learning about Christmas in Russia. For crafts, consider an activity that involves painting nesting dolls.

South Africa

You can explore Christmas in South Africa with help from Kid World Citizen. As for books, we enjoyed What’s Cooking, Jamela? and An African Christmas Cloth.


Why Christmas and Paradise Praises both have great overviews of Christmas in Spain, but I also like this post from Kid World Citizen because of all the great photos of the Three Kings arriving in Spain.


For Sweden, consider Education.com’s free printable pack, Helping Hand Homeschool’s Christmas in Sweden Unit Study, Starts at Eight’s Swedish Woven Heart craft, and books like Lucia Morning in Sweden and The Tomten.


You can explore Christmas in Ukraine with the Why Christmas overview, this detailed explanation of the legend of the Christmas Spider, and beautiful storybooks like Cobweb Christmas and A Christmas Spider’s Miracle.

United Kingdom

Helping Hand Homeschool has this unit study about Christmas traditions in Britain, but you can also learn about Christmas in the United Kingdom through the overview from Why Christmas. Better yet, you can explore Christmas in England, Ireland, and Scotland individually:


This Christmas in England post from A Mama’s Story gives good insight on traditions in England. I also like Kid World Citizen’s Pop a Christmas Cracker post. There’s a ton of good information there!


Curious about Christmas traditions in Ireland? Homeschool Your Boys has you covered with this Christmas in Ireland Unit Study.


Cornerstone Confessions has this Christmas in Scotland study. You could also add Santa Is Coming to Scotland and a fun cookie recipe to your learning plans.

United States of America

As for the United States, this Christmas at the White House post from Hide the Chocolate is a fun glimpse into Christmas traditions in America. You can also look into books like Christmas in the Big Woods, The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree, or The Carpenter’s Gift for a look at Christmas at other times in American history.

For Puerto Rico, don’t miss A Diligent Heart’s Christmas in Puerto Rico reflections and the Why Christmas Overview. You may also want to experience some of the tastes of Puerto Rico through these recipes for Quesitos (a puff pastry with a cream cheese mixture), Mantecaditos cookies, or Arroz con Dulce (coconut rice pudding).

As for books on Christmas in Puerto Rico, we enjoyed A Doll for Navidades and Grandma’s Gift.

Do you have favorite Christmas Around the World resources that I missed here? If so, share them in the comments below so we can check into them.

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