What to Read: Children’s Books About Mozart

Planning to study the life, music, and legacy of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart with your kids? Good news: I’ve got a great list of Mozart books for kids to help you learn!

What to Read: Children's Books About Mozart - Studying the life, music, and legacy of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in your homeschool? Here's a list of Mozart books for kids to help you learn!

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We’re currently working through the second SQUILT volume for our weekly music appreciation time. This second volume is all about the Classical Era and happens to include several lessons on Mozart.

That’s why Mozart is popping up in our schedule each week and that’s also why we found ourselves searching for Mozart books to include in our daily reading time.

If you’re looking for Mozart books to enjoy with your kids, I can help! In our search for books about Mozart, we found a great variety of reading options: nonfiction and fiction, picture books and chapter books, and books that are perfect for kids of all ages, tots to tweens.

Mozart Books for Kids

1. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Getting to Know the World’s Greatest Composers)

Like others in Mike Venezia’s World’s Greatest Composers series, this one shares details on Mozart’s life, career, and musical impact through fun illustrations and story lines.

2. Mozart: The Wonder Child

Mozart: The Wonder Child is perfect choice if you’re looking for living books about Mozart. With vivid text and lovely illustrations, Diane Stanley tells the story of Mozart’s life through the lens of a marionette show.

Also, it includes an explanation on Mozart’s names, the Salzburg Marionette (inspiration for the illustrations), and a list of significant dates from Mozart’s life.

3. Play, Mozart, Play

In Play, Mozart, Play, author and illustrator Peter Sis shares a simple, but colorful introduction to Mozart. It’s got minimal text, making it a good choice for kiddos with shorter attention spans.

4. Who was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart?

In typical Who Was? style, Who Was Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? is a great option if you’re looking for a Mozart biography for kids. It’s ideal for middle elementary through middle schoolers and includes illustrations and parallel timelines of the world and Mozart’s life.

5. For the Love of Music

You’re probably pretty familiar with Wolfgang, but are you acquainted with Maria Mozart? If not, For the Love of Music is a great way to learn about Mozart and his sister, who was also a musical prodigy.

While it’s not exclusively about the famous composer, it’s an interesting peek into their musical beginnings and their relationship as siblings.

On the same lines as For the Love of Music, Mozart’s Sister is a good option for older kiddos who want to learn more about Nannerl Mozart.

6. Young Mozart

We discovered Rachel Isadora’s Young Mozart through our local library and found it to be a lovely picture book about Mozart. Also a general overview of Mozart’s life, it’s full of interesting illustrations that help keep children engaged as they listen or read along.

Don’t let the title fool you though, it’s not only about Mozart’s childhood years. It actually ends with his death in 1791.

7. World History Biographies: Mozart

Another good nonfiction choice, Nat Geo’s Mozart is ideal for older kids who enjoy lots of visual stimulation. Another fun thing to note is that it helps kids understand Mozart’s life and career by also highlighting aspects of the world around him at the time.

8. Mozart Finds a Melody

I love Mozart Finds a Melody for a couple of reasons. One is how the illustrations give a whimsical flair to the books. The other is how it helps kids connect to Mozart as a person, which sometimes gets lost in the books that focus on his musical genius alone.

9. Musical Genius: A Story About Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Another good Mozart biography, Musical Genius is recommended for older elementary and middle schoolers and covers his formative years through his death.

10. My Amazing Mozart Music Book

Your little ones don’t have to be left out! They can learn about Mozart through My Amazing Mozart Music Book. Not only is it a board book, which makes it sturdy enough for little hands, it contains lots of bright illustrations and buttons with sound clips from Mozart’s works. It really is a nice way to introduce Mozart to little learners!

11. The Magic Flute

Prefer a book that focuses on Mozart’s music more than biographical elements? The Magic Flute is a great option. It’s a fun retelling of one of Mozart’s famous operas.

Better yet, it includes a listening CD featuring selections from the opera. Being able to listen and read was one of our favorite things about this Mozart book!

Worth noting, Kyra Teis’ The Magic Flute: An Opera by Mozart is another good selection if you can’t find this Anne Gatti version.

12. Moonlight on the Magic Flute

Speaking of that magic flute, heading to Austria with Jack and Annie is a great way to get your kids interested in Mozart and excited to learn more. That said, while Moonlight on the Magic Flute is a fictional Mozart book, it does include fun activities and facts about Mozart at the end of the book.

If you go this route, be sure to head to the Magic Tree House website and take advantage of the teacher resources that go with this title. They’re free and they’re a great way to build on the book!

13. Mozart, The Wonder Boy

Lastly, Opal Wheeler’s Mozart, The Wonder Boy is another great place to turn for learning about Mozart. It’s a living book that focuses on the background, places, and events that shaped Mozart’s music.

(If you’re not familiar with the Great Musicians Series, it’s definitely one to check out. My oldest loves these books!)

Do you have some favorite books about Mozart I haven’t mentioned here? If so, share them with us in the comments so we can check them out!

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What to Read: Children's Books About Mozart - Studying the life, music, and legacy of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart in your homeschool? Here's a list of Mozart books for kids to help you learn!

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