101 Reasons You’ll Never Regret Homeschooling (Even When People Say You’re Crazy for Doing It)

We live in a society where public schooling is the norm. The cultural standard suggests — no matter what — that our babies will become toddlers, then we’ll enroll them in a local preschool, and then we’ll send them to the public school down the street where they’ll become who[Read more]

12 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

It’s not uncommon to deal with information overload when you’re new to homeschooling. If you’re wondering where to begin while sifting through social media, zillions of homeschool websites and blogs, and an ever-growing selection of homeschool books, you’re in luck. Today I’m sharing ten must-read books for new homeschoolers. (This post[Read more]