10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

It’s not uncommon to deal with information overload when you’re new to homeschooling. If you’re wondering where to begin while sifting through social media, zillions of homeschool websites and blogs, and an ever-growing selection of homeschool books, you’re in luck. Today I’m sharing ten must-read books for new homeschoolers.

10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

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Don’t get me wrong. That wealth of information available can be valuable, but if you jump in too soon, you’re likely to feel overwhelmed. Even worse, you could find yourself more confused than when you started reading.

Thankfully that’s not the case with these must-reads. These books for new homeschoolers will leave you equipped, encouraged, and ready to keep calm and homeschool on. Let’s take a look, shall we?

10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

1. This Is My Home, This Is My School

This may seem like a strange place to start, but I wish I had This Is My Home, This Is My School when we started our homeschool journey. There is no shortage of children’s books that reflect life for children going to school, but that’s not the case for homeschooling.

10 Must-Read Books for New HomeschoolersThat’s why this book is a must-have for homeschool newbies. It’s a powerful experience to see families like yours represented in the pages of a book, for children and parents alike.

2. Teaching in Your Tiara

The tagline for Teaching in Your Tiara is “a homeschooling book for the rest of us” and that’s exactly why it’s great for new homeschoolers. It’s full of practical advice, implementable instruction, and encouragement to help you along as you start your homeschool journey.

10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

3. The Unhurried Homeschooler

I consider The Unhurried Homeschooler a must-read book for homeschool newbies because it’s especially tempting in the beginning to do too much and to do it all too quickly. This short, easy read is a needed nudge to remember that less is more.

10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

4. So, You’re Thinking About Homeschooling

I devoured So, You’re Thinking About Homeschooling when I started researching home education. I knew I liked the concept of homeschooling, but had no idea of what it needed to look like in the day-to-day. This book provided insight for fifteen possible homeschooling families, the circumstances and challenges they deal with, and how they homeschool.

10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

5. The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas

The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas and The Big Book of Homeschool Ideas Volume 2 are great books for new homeschoolers because sometimes you need to hear from other homeschool parents who have lived it and made it through.

10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers
These two books contain help and encouragement for any homeschool stage or scenario you can imagine. The best part is that you’ll have this help on hand before you need it and you have the chance to prepare yourself for the stages of the journey before you find yourself in a state of distress or at a standstill.

You can find these both at iHomeschool Network or purchase them through Amazon here: Volume I and Volume 2.

6. The Homeschool Highway

There are times in homeschooling that call for researching educational philosophy and methods and then there are times when you just need someone to tell you what it’s *really* like to homeschool your kids. That’s exactly what Hmmmschooling Mom Amy Dingmann does in The Homeschool Highway.

10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

This book does a wonderful job keeping it real without scaring you straight into the registrar’s office of the local school district. There’s humor, there’s real talk, and there’s encouragement; that’s a valuable combination for homeschoolers in any season, but it’s especially nice to have it accessible before you jump into homeschool life with both feet.

7. How We Teach

How We Teach is one of my favorite books for new homeschoolers because there will be times when you need help with actually teaching. Sometimes it’s because the curriculum isn’t quite working, sometimes it’s because family dynamics change, and sometimes it’s because the kids need a bit more help than usual.

10 Must-Read Books for New HomeschoolersRegardless of why you need help teaching, it’s good to know you’ve got help from other homeschool moms who are a bit further in the journey rather than “expert suggestions” from people who have no experience educating their own children from home.

8. The Confident Homeschooler

What I love about The Confident Homeschooler is how it helps you map out your purpose in homeschooling and get your footing for the journey. This is valuable because you can only get so far with homeschool if you don’t know your why or where you’re hoping to go.
10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

9. Blueprint Homeschooling

As a new homeschooler, you’ll need help with the logistics regardless of your chosen method or curriculum. That’s where Blueprint Homeschooling comes into the picture. This book gives you the tools you need to design a homeschool plan that works for your family.

10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

10. Homeschooling:
What to Do When You Want to Quit

I wish I could tell you that homeschool life is always nature walks, sunshine, and rainbows, but that’s not the case. There are hard days, hard seasons, and times you find yourself wondering what on earth you’re doing.

10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

That’s why Homeschooling: What to Do When You Want to Quit needs a place on a new homeschooler’s bookshelf. It’s important to have a source of help and encouragement ready and waiting to help you navigate the inevitable struggles and concerns.

What about you? Do you have some favorite book suggestions for new homeschool moms? If so, share them in the comments so I can check them out.

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10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers


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  1. So glad to see Amy’s book here. I loved it. I haven’t read any of the others. I know scandalous lol Looks like I have some reading to do 😛

    1. Well, I certainly didn’t read them all *before* I started homeschooling. There were some from this list that I used quite a bit to help me prepare, though. The rest came after the fact and are especially helpful for newer homeschoolers! 🙂

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