10 More Books for Homeschool Parents

I’m always looking for new books for homeschool parents to add to my reading list. Although I’ve read lots of them already, I happily continue reading and view them as as source of continuing education.

10 More Books for Homeschool Parents(Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.)

I’ve shared some of my favorite homeschool books before, but I’ve recently added more great books to my reading list. Some are new and some are just new to me; either way, I’m happy to share them with you here.

You may already be familiar with most of these books, but hopefully you’ll find something new to help you in your homeschool journey.

10 More Books for
Homeschool Parents

Give Your Child the World

This gem from Jamie Martin was anywhere and everywhere I looked this summer and I’m so glad to finally get my hands on it! I’m only a few pages in and have already used my highlighter!

10 More Books for Homeschool Parents
The premise behind Give Your Child the World — the very thing that’s earning it a spot on homeschool shelves everywhere — is teaching kids to think beyond themselves and what they know life to be. This happens by journeying the world through the wonderful literature selections included in the book.

The Core

We’re an eclectic homeschool family, but we pull most of our inspiration from the Charlotte Mason method and from the classical homeschool method. As my son gets older, however, I see the value of incorporating more classical education into our big picture plans.

10 More Books for Homeschool Parents
That’s why Leigh Bortins’ The Core is on my reading list. This book is a go-to for many classical homeschooling families and I know there’s much to learn from it!

Honey for a Child’s Heart

Honey for a Child’s Heart has been around for decades, but it’s still a favorite resource for many homeschool parents.

10 More Books for Homeschool Parents
Much like Give Your Child the World, this book focuses on reading selections. The difference here is that Honey for a Child’s Heart goes beyond the intention of cultural awareness and also emphasizes the importance of reading in general.

What to Do When You Want to Quit

You probably already know how I feel about this book if you read When You Want to Give Up on Homeschool, but I wholeheartedly believe this is a book that every homeschool parent needs to have on hand.

10 More Books for Homeschool Parents
The opportunity to educate our children at home is a blessing, but it’s not sunshine and smiles all day, every day. Homeschooling: What to Do When You Want to Quit tackles the big I don’t think we can keep homeschooling scenarios, the disheartening day-to-day challenges, the little things that add up over time, and everything in between.

For sure, this is a book you’ll turn to time and time again for advice and encouragement when you need help living that Keep Calm and Homeschool On motto.

The Unhurried Homeschooler

I read The Unhurried Homeschooler over the summer and loved its “mercifully short” message. It’s easy to get caught up in pressure to pack our homeschool days and take advantage of every learning opportunity out there.  Thank goodness Durenda Wilson is here to remind us to focus on what truly matters in our time as homeschool parents!

10 More Books for Homeschool Parents

The Confident Homeschooler

I love Pam Barnhill’s The Confident Homeschooler because it’s chockful of practical application and encouragement for your day-to-day homeschool life.

From veteran homeschool advice to specific tips, this book is all about what to really do in your homeschool and how to do it. That’s important because the big picture plans can’t come into fruition without diligence in the day-to-day.

10 More Books for Homeschool Parents
“The secret to successful homeschooling is faithfulness — consistency if you rather. The secret to faithfulness is taking charge of your morning.”

I also appreciate that it’s a quick read. I love to read as much as the next person, but I don’t always have time to dive into lengthy books. This one is to the point, helpful, and encouraging — everything it needs to be!

For the Children’s Sake

In For the Children’s Sake, Susan Schaeffer Macaulay writes on what education could and should be through the lens of Christian worldview. While the thoughts aren’t exclusively applicable to homeschooling, her perspective is valuable and thought-provoking.

10 More Books for Homeschool Parents

They’re Your Kids

I recently added They’re Your Kids to my personal reading list because I’ve heard great things about it. I’ve not read it yet, but I love the idea of learning more about how actress and radio host Sam Sorbo became an advocate of homeschooling.

10 More Books for Homeschool Parents
One sentence in particular on the back cover of They’re Your Kids grabbed my attention:  “Our children deserve better than to be institutionalized in an education system developed during the Industrial Age.”  That alone earned it the top spot on my reading wishlist!

The Fringe Hours

If you’re familiar with this book, then you know that it’s not about homeschooling at all. However, that doesn’t mean Jessica Turner’s Fringe Hours message isn’t relevant to the daily demands of homeschool life. This message is more than relevant. It’s one that homeschool parents need to hear:

10 More Books for Homeschool Parents
“Pinterest, and the internet in general, cannot be your yardstick for who you are as a woman, what you should love, how you should cook, or what you should prioritize. It does not define you as a mother, as a giver, as a person.”

If you’re a homeschool parent, you need The Fringe Hours because you need the reminder that you don’t have to be everything to everyone and the importance of loving yourself well.

The SuperMom Myth

Also not a book with homeschool advice or methodology, The SuperMom Myth is included in this group of books for homeschool parents because we all need to be reminded that we’re not SuperMom and no one expects us to be.

10 More Books for Homeschool Parents
The homeschool life comes with its own temptations to do and be everything
, but the truths in this book spoke to the heart of this homeschool parent, for sure. (You can see my review if you’d like to learn more.)

Looking for more books for homeschool parents? Check out 10 Great Books for Homeschooling Parents. I share my ten favorite homeschool-related reads there.

It’s your turn now: what are your favorite books for homeschool parents? Share them in the comments below. I want to learn more about your favorites and add them to my wishlist!

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