Bible Belles: Real Heroes for Real Girls

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*I received complimentary access to the Bible Belles series for review purposes. Also, this post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details. 

Bible Belles: Heroes for Her!

Looking for a way to connect your daughter to the heroic girls and women of the Bible? The Bible itself is a great place to start, but it also helps to share their stories through children’s books. Today I’m sharing a fantastic series named Bible Belles that does just that.

Bible Belles: Real Heroes for Real Girls

I’ve spent lots of time lately focusing on how to best raise up my son to be the man God is calling him to be. Knights in Training has been a big help there.

Our daughters need more influencing them than mean girls and princesses. They need real heroes. #heroesforherClick to Tweet

But what about my daughter? How do I help her understand that there’s a difference in the girl the world is telling her to become and the girl God has created her to be? How do I help her rise above the low bar set by our society and strive to be about more than that?

One way is to be sure she’s familiar with the heroes of our faith. While it’s good to teach her about Moses, Joseph, David, and the countless male heroes, it’s important for her to realize that the boys of the Bible aren’t the only heroes to watch.

That’s where Bible Belles comes into the picture.

Bible Belles: Real Heroes for Real Girls

Bible Belles is a book series for girls ages 4-10 with the mission of drowning out the noise from the world and helping them understand the real definitions of beauty, purpose, and God’s love.

Bible Belles: Real Heroes for Real Girls

The series follows main character Rooney as she meets Hannah, Esther, Abigail, Ruth, and Deborah. Not only does Rooney meet each of these Bible heroes, she also learns a much-needed lesson from each of them — a lesson she can apply to situations in her day-to-day life.

Want to learn a little more about the Bible Belles series? This quick video featuring creator Erin Weidemann gives a great overview:

My Thoughts on Bible Belles

I love the message and heart behind Bible Belles! My daughter is only five years-old, but Hubby and I have worked with children and teenagers for sixteen+ years.

Ohmygosh, those years of ministry are making me feel, ahem, seasoned right about now. 😉

In those years of ministry, we’ve seen how girls are bombarded with the worst possible messages about who they’re supposed to be. We’ve known too many girls listening to the wrong voices, voices that told them that their worth was found in their appearance, their clothing, and even worse, their willingness to give pieces of themselves to everyone who asked.

That’s why I’m especially grateful for Bible Belles and the message this series sends to young girls. We can’t allow mean girls and princesses to be the primary influences for our daughters! Instead, we’ve got to be intentional in sharing the stories of real heroes with them.

Bible Belles: Real Heroes for Real Girls

I’ve loved sharing the first four books in this series with my little one and am looking forward to the next: Deborah: The Belle of Leadership. We’ve had great discussions about these heroes and what we can learn from them.

Bottom Line: This is a great series to share with any young girl in your life. Bible Belles are a wonderful way to introduce important Bible heroes that often get overlooked. Better yet, the series helps bring the Bible to life for today’s girls who haven’t yet grasped the power of God’s Word and our places in His story.

Where to Find Bible Belles

You can find all of the Bible Belles books, devotionals, and matching accessories at I’m glad to learn about those accessories because my girl would love to have a Bible Belles shirt! 🙂

Bible Belles: Real Heroes for Real Girls - - Save $10

While you’re there, don’t forget to take a look at the entire site. There’s a blog, a Heroes for Her podcast, coloring pages, and even birthday party ideas waiting there for you!

Prefer to shop on Amazon? You can’t find the entire Bible Belles line there, but you can find the book series: Bible Belles on Amazon.

Lastly, you’ll want to stay connected with Bible Belles on your favorite social media platforms. That way you’ll know when new books are on the way! You can find them through the links below:

You can also follow the #heroesforher and #adifferentkindofnoise hashtags to keep up with the Belles and like-minded readers just like you and me.

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