15 Children’s Books About Ben Franklin

Are you studying the life and legacy of Benjamin Franklin in your homeschool? If so, you’re going to love this list of Ben Franklin books for kids.

15 Ben Franklin Books ~ Reading suggestions for learning about Benjamin Franklin with your kids.

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It’s not often that my kids learn about the same person at the same time since they’re five years apart and following different homeschool plans.

Even so, all the stars have aligned recently and we’ve been exploring key leaders in the American Revolution together. One of those key leaders is Benjamin Franklin and that’s why I’ve been rounding up Ben Franklin books to use in our reading time.

We already owned a couple of these books, but we hit our library and Amazon to discover the rest. Some are better suited for younger kids, some for read-alouds, and some for older kids and middle schoolers. Regardless of what you’re looking for today, you should be able to find something that will help you get to know Benjamin Franklin, a man whose contributions should never been taken for granted in the United States.

15 Ben Franklin Books for Kids

Before we jump into these books about Ben Franklin, keep in mind that the links in the overviews below all lead to Amazon. If you prefer to support independent bookstores through your purchases, see this similar list from Bookshop.org. It has nearly all of the selections below, plus some extras.

1. Benjamin Franklin

If you only read one book about Ben Franklin, this one is a great choice. D’Aulaire’s Benjamin Franklin is one of my favorite Ben Franklin books because of its folksy illustrations and engaging storytelling. We worked through a few pages a day so that we could digest all we learned before jumping into more, but my daughter enjoyed it so much that she now asks to read it for fun.

2. Now and Ben

Got a kiddo who doesn’t tolerate lots of text? Now and Ben is a great reading option because explores the many contributions of Ben Franklin through fun and colorful illustrations, yet gets to the point with only the necessary text to get the point across.

3. How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning

How Ben Franklin Stole the Lightning is also full of colorful and fun illustrations, but is a bit meatier than Now and Ben. That said, this picture book about Ben Franklin held my youngest kiddo’s attention and I found it to be a great book focusing on Franklin’s scientific endeavors.

4. Electric Ben

I wasn’t expecting Electric Ben by Robert Byrd to be packed with information when I found it at our local library, but I was super impressed when I brought it home and began flipping through it. It’s full of facts, quotes, and interesting illustrations, making it a great option for older kids who are learning about Ben Franklin.

5. Cheer Up, Ben Franklin!

A board book about Benjamin Franklin? Yes, please! Cheer Up, Ben Franklin! is a wonderful way to introduce the littlest learners to Ben Franklin and some other important figures from American history.

6. A Picture Book of Benjamin Franklin

A Picture Book About Benjamin Franklin is exactly what it sounds like. It’s got cartoon-like illustrations that will draw kids in, but also includes important dates and an overview of Ben Franklin’s life.

Ben Franklin & Bookshop.org

You can find most of these books (and some extras) about Ben Franklin on Bookshop.org. By shopping there, you can support local bookstores through your purchases.

7. What’s the Big Idea, Ben Franklin?

What’s the Big Idea, Ben Franklin? would be a good fit if you’re looking for a basic biography for middle and older elementary kids. It’s around 50 pages and is a good overview of Franklin’s life.

8. Who Was Ben Franklin?

Who Was Ben Franklin? is a biographical reading choice for kids and tweenagers. It features an engaging account of Franklin’s life, well-placed illustrations, and a corresponding timeline.

9. Ben Franklin: Young Printer

Want your older kiddos to focus on Franklin’s formative years? Ben Franklin: Young Printer from the Childhood of Famous Americans series is a great place to start. It emphasizes Franklin’s childhood, teen years, and beginnings in Philadelphia.

10. Ben Franklin: Live Wire

From the well-loved Heroes of History series, Ben Franklin: Live Wire is yet another good biography for older kids and tweens learning about Benjamin Franklin.

11. Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia

Prefer to stick with biographies from the classic Landmark series? If so, be sure to look for Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia.

12. Ben and Me

If you’d like to forgo the biographies and opt for historical fiction instead, Ben and Me would be a good fit for you. It presents the story of Ben Franklin as told from the perspective of a mouse named Amos.

13. Benjamin Franklin: American Genius

Benjamin Franklin: American Genius is another one of my favorites from this list. It’s a part of the For Kids series and presents a detailed account of Franklin’s life and important works, but also includes a timeline, glossary, and activity ideas inspired by Franklin himself.

14. Benjamin Franklin’s Wise Words

If you want to explore the wisdom of Ben Franklin with your kids, Benjamin Franklin’s Wise Words is one book you don’t want to miss. It focuses on his many wise sayings and gives kid-friendly explanations for them. For sure, this one is a fun and interesting read.

15. Ben Franklin’s in My Bathroom

Sometimes you have kids who are less than enthused to learn about history. That’s where Ben Franklin’s in My Bathroom comes in. It’s newer and I haven’t personally read it yet, but it looks like a fun and imaginative introduction to Ben Franklin rather than potty humor with a tiny bit of history mixed in.

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15 Ben Franklin Books ~ Reading suggestions for learning about Benjamin Franklin with your kids.

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