Teaching Kids Art Fundamentals with Online Lessons

Teaching art is a lot like following a recipe for me. I’m not an art expert, but I know how to gather supplies, read instructions, do as I’m told, and enjoy the outcome.

That’s taken me a long way in our homeschool, but I’ve learned that it’s not enough in every area of art. In fact, it’s the very reason I turn to online art lessons for teaching the fundamentals to my kids.

3 Reasons to Use Online Art Lessons to Teach Fundamentals

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Here’s the thing, I can teach my kids many aspects of art without any trouble. I know how to find fun project ideas, information on famous artists, and I know how to demonstrate a few techniques. I’m even pretty good with hand lettering and basic paint projects. Although I don’t exactly consider myself an artist, I love to create.

The problem is that I have my limits. I can research and DIY all day long, but I don’t have enough of a foundation in art to teach the fundamentals to my kids. Areas like grammar, math, history, and even music have always been a part of my day-to-day life, but experimenting with art is new to me.

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I don’t know all the terminology, I don’t know all the techniques, and I’m not gifted. I’ll keep learning, growing, and practicing, but I can’t and won’t let my limitations keep my kids from getting a better start in art than I did. That’s where online art lessons come into the picture for us.

3 Reasons to Use Online Art Lessons to Teach Fundamentals

Foundations are important in any subject; you can only go so far without them. I’ve learned that for myself when it comes to art, but it’s also true for my kids.

My son, for example, has always loved experimenting with art and is especially talented in sketching, but that doesn’t mean he’s got a solid foundation in all areas. He needs that foundation, however, to make the most of his talent and to continue to grow.

Here’s how online art lessons for kids help us with that foundation:

1. Learning the tools

My kids need to how specific art supplies function, when they’re best used, and which ones are worth the investment. Online art lessons are a great help in that area.

I know how to read a supply list and search for art supplies on Amazon or in my local arts and craft stores, but a supply list doesn’t teach me why certain varieties are appropriate for some projects and not others.

3 Reasons to Use Online Art Lessons to Teach Fundamentals
Let’s be honest here, some acrylic paints are better for crafts and not art, all watercolors are not created equal, and a paintbrush isn’t just a paintbrush. I’ve learned those facts the hard way.

But there’s more to it than buying the appropriate art supplies. I’m learning and experimenting with art, but I can only demonstrate to my kids what I know about the wide array of art materials.

Online art lessons are a great way to take my kids beyond my own limitations and let them become comfortable with art mediums and supplies that are far beyond my own familiarity.

And, not that it’s all about me, but it certainly doesn’t hurt for me to be in the room as my kiddos work through their online art lessons. With each lesson, I also pick up on the purpose of the materials and the best ways to put them to work. That puts me in a better place to guide them in their own creative attempts when there’s no set of instructions to follow.

2. Following the leader

Art books are great for providing information and photo examples of how to do certain projects, but the images and instructions aren’t always enough to get readers from point a to point b. That’s a risky approach for kids who need to learn the fundamentals of art.

3 Reasons to Use Online Art Lessons to Teach Fundamentals
When it comes to learning the fundamentals, nothing compares to someone guiding you step-by-step through the artistic process. While in-person art classes provide these step-by-step instructions, they don’t necessarily allow students to work at their own pace. After all, you can’t pause and rewind as many times as needed while working through a tough step in the middle of an art class. That benefit is exclusive to online art lessons.

That said, YouTube videos can provide some of that fundamental art instruction, but there’s there’s no way to get a solid foundation of art techniques when your lessons are only as good as your search results.

3. Leaving the comfort zone

Lastly, online art lessons for kids are helpful because they push them out of their comfort zones and encourage them to experiment with new mediums and ideas.

I know this because my big kid would sketch Manga characters all day and rarely venture into other areas of art without that push from his online art lessons.

3 Reasons to Use Online Art Lessons to Teach Fundamentals

Online art lessons have given him the confidence to leave his comfort zone. He still loves sketching His Manga scenes, but he also enjoys abstract art, mixed media, and painting with acrylics now. He’s gone where he would have never gone alone while learning the fundamentals through online art lessons.

Online Art Lessons from Sparketh

When it comes to teaching art fundamentals, we turn to Sparketh Online Art Lessons. Membership to Sparketh comes with access to a variety of art courses, but we’re especially thankful for the courses that cover these fundamental concepts:

  • shading
  • perspective
  • texture
  • facial proportions
  • patterns
  • balance
  • watercolor techniques
  • colored pencil techniques

Want to learn more about Sparketh? Check it out for yourself through a free one-month trial! You’ll also want to get connected with them on social media so that you can stay up to date with their courses. You can find them on Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.

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