The Word in Motion: the Apologia Bible Curriculum for Families

Looking to add Bible study to your homeschool plans? Here’s a look at The Word in Motion, an Apologia Bible curriculum for families.

Are you looking to add Bible study to your homeschool plans? Here's what you need to know about The Word in Motion, Apologia's Bible curriculum for families.

*I received The Word in Motion for free in order to write this review and have been paid for my time writing this post. As always, I was not required to write a positive review and all opinions are my own. See disclosure for more details.*

It can be tough for Christian families to find Bible resources that are meant to be used at home. What’s more, when we do find those resources, they’re usually either really dry or really cheesy. Since the God we serve is neither of those things, it’s tempting to forgo the family Bible resources altogether.

Thankfully, it doesn’t have to be that way! We’ve been using The Word in Motion, the Apologia Bible curriculum for families, with my daughter and it’s been a wonderful way to explore God’s Word with her.

But before we talk about our experience with it, here’s what you need to know about this homeschool Bible curriculum.

The Word in Motion: An Overview of Apologia’s Bible Curriculum 

Apologia’s Bible curriculum is designed for grades K-8 with the goal of helping kids know and love the Bible, while also helping them understand how the books of the Bible — and the stories they hold — come together to tell God’s story. This understanding of the Bible displays God’s faithfulness, leads us to use His Word to guide our lives, and helps us find ourselves in God’s big story. 

This happens through two volumes: The Word in Motion: Old Testament and The Word in Motion: New Testament. (You don’t have to start with The Word in Motion: Old Testament, but it’s recommended that kids have that foundation in place before beginning the New Testament volume.)

Each volume features three main components: the textbook, the video lessons, and the notebooking journals. Here’s what you need to know about each component:

The Word in Motion Text

The text for each volume is broken down into two different sections. The first section features people, places, and events presented in chronological order. The second section explores the books of the Bible through overviews, recommended Bible passages for reading, and key word cards.

The following elements are featured in both sections of the text.

The Word in Motion - Character sketch
  • Memory verses – These match the copywork pages in the notebooking journal and capture the key theme in each lesson.
  • Sidebar articles – Sidebar articles provide context and help kids better understand the cultural or historical background relevant to the lessons.
  • Prayers – You don’t have to use them, but these beautiful guided prayers close each lesson.
  • Character sketches – These are written from the perspective of a focal person from each lesson and help kids view the story through the eyes of someone who lived it. 

Notebooking Journal

The notebooking journals for The Word in Motion are similar to most Apologia journals. Each lesson includes a place for notes, scripture copywork, coloring pages (my kiddo loves coloring them while I read the lessons!), the “Let’s Talk About It” discussion questions from the text, and one or two additional ideas for processing the lesson.

The Word in Motion: Notebooking Journal

You’ll also find pages to create a mini-book, key word flash cards, and story disks to either document your time working through the curriculum or help you review the lessons.

Note: I mentioned in my video on YouTube that there’s no cutting or preparing needed; technically you have to cut and prepare these items, but you won’t be missing out if you prefer to omit them!

Video Lessons

My kiddo LOVES this component. We watch these at the beginning of each lesson to recap what we’ve learned previously and to introduce themes, people, or events that are especially relevant to the new lesson.

The Word in Motion: video lesson

These quick videos also introduce the key word or idea for each lesson and a new hand motion to associate with each key word. It may seem like a tiny aspect of this curriculum, but it’s an important factor!

Worth noting, Apologia’s Bible curriculum for families was developed in cooperation with Walk Thru The Bible with the purpose of incorporating movement to help kids remember key people, places, and events in the Bible. That’s where these hand motions make all the difference.

You can see the motions we’ve learned so far in the video below.

Lastly, video recaps of the motions, answers to the “Let’s Talk About It” questions, and lots of supplemental resources are available through the Book Extras link.

These supplemental resources include lesson plans for each week, printable story disks, key word memory cards, and quick references for the books of the Bible. You gain access to all of these through the instructions found in the text.

What We’re Loving about This Bible Curriculum for Families

Now that you know more about Apologia’s Bible curriculum, I want to acknowledge that homeschool Bible study hasn’t always been our thing. That probably seems a little strange coming from a family of Christian homeschoolers, and even more strange considering ministry has played a big part of our story as a family.

Even so, we’ve made space for this Bible curriculum for families this year. The following are the reasons we’re happy to have this resource in our homeschool lineup, but they can also help you determine if this Apologia Bible curriculum could be a good fit for your family. 

1. It’s comprehensive. 

I’ve spent most of my adult life serving churches and specifically serving in children’s ministry. Through the years, we’ve used lots of amazing resources to teach the Bible to the kids in our churches and I can honestly say that I’m still happy with the selections we made across the years and among those churches.

That said, it’s nearly impossible to present children with a complete view of the Bible and the events it shares through the children’s ministry at your local church.

Just as it’s difficult to get a full understanding of any era in history without referencing timelines and the progression of events, it’s hard to grasp the interconnectedness of the stories in the Bible when they’re presented in the themed packages that are typical of children’s church or Sunday School-type curriculum.

That’s not to say that your church or any church is necessarily doing things all wrong. It’s just that church should never be the only place your kids are learning God’s story and reading His Word.

The Word in Motion solves this problem by presenting both the Old and New Testaments in chronological order, but also working through the books of the Bible in order. That helps kids see God’s story in a way that helps them naturally make connections rather than hoping they will connect the dots through years of topical studies.

There’s great value in studying the Bible topically and thematically, but the foundation of chronological study will give kids a chance to understand the topics and themes on a deeper level. That’s where Apologia’s chronological approach makes all the difference.

2. It’s open-and-go.

I like adding extras here and there to make certain subjects come alive, but anything that requires a lot of prep time overwhelms me. On that note, I’m also not looking to recreate Sunday School in my homeschool. That’s why I’m LOVING the Apologia Bible curriculum open-and-go format.

Because each week follows the same lesson structure, I know nothing extra is required of me. I pull up the video lesson. grab the reader, and pass the notebooking journal along to my daughter. Then we dive in together. Point being, each lesson is everything it needs to be with no fuss and no additional time needed to make it happen each week. 

Are you looking to add Bible study to your homeschool plans? Here's what you need to know about The Word in Motion, Apologia's Bible curriculum for families.

 3. It meets us where we are.

Seasons change in homeschooling just like any other area of life. Because of that, it’s important to regularly evaluate what’s working and address areas of need that have surfaced since the last check in. 

We’ve gone through a season of transition with ministry and church in the last couple of years. This season of transition made space for approaching Bible study differently than we had previously done in our years of homeschooling.

The Word in Motion: Bible Curriculum for Families

Also, my daughter accepted Christ last year. This, along with my husband baptizing her in the Atlantic Ocean, brought cause for celebration in 2020! All of this say, The Word in Motion meets us where we are in this season. Between all of the transitions and her growing walk with God, this Bible curriculum for families is exactly what we need.

Learn More About Apologia’s Bible Curriculum for Families

Ready to learn more about The Word in Motion? See the video below to get a feel for the video component in each lesson. Then, head over to Apologia to see sample lessons and view all options for The Word in Motion.

You can also enter to win both volumes of The Word in Motion through the giveaway widget below. Awesome, right?

In closing, if a Bible curriculum has always been incorporated into your homeschool plans, you’ll especially love how The Word in Motion includes engaging chronological narratives and book-by-book overviews for the Old and New Testaments.

And if you’re like us and have never used a Bible curriculum for families before, you’re also in good hands with The Word in Motion. The lessons are a wonderful way to lay a solid Biblical foundation from home without adding more to your to-do list as a homeschooling parent. We love having it in our weeks and know you will also.

Are you looking to add Bible study to your homeschool plans? Here's what you need to know about The Word in Motion, Apologia's Bible curriculum for families.

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