Back to School 2016: All About Art Giveway

I don’t know about you, but one of my favorite things about getting back-to-homeschool is having a well-stocked homeschool.  And, while most of us are good about stocking up on paper, notebooks, and pencils, we often forget to include art supplies in our shopping.

That’s a good excuse for a giveaway, right?

Back to Homeschool: All About Art Giveaway(Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.)

You don’t have to spend much time here to realize that we’re all about art in our homeschool, which is particularly funny since I’m soooo not-artsy.  That’s led me to look for great ways to introduce my kids to art through mixed media workshops, picture books, and all kinds of art resources I’ve found online.

Since we’re all about art, we want you to be also!  That’s where the giveaway comes in.

All About Art Giveaway

For this year’s Back-to-Homeschool Giveaway, I’ve opted to share some of our favorite art items. Some of these items are on our list of must-haves for homeschool art and some are just cool things to check out.  We love these art goodies and think you will too!  Let’s take a look at the giveaway, shall we?

Artist’s Loft Soft Pastels

My kids are all about some chalk pastels!  Chalk pastels are perfect for homeschool art because they don’t require precision or incredible skill to use, but they can produce amazing results. Naturally they’re a great choice to include in our All About Art Giveaway!

Back to Homeschool: All About Art Giveaway

Artist’s Loft Watercolor Pencils

My kiddos love using these watercolor pencils and I’m a fan also.  We love working with our watercolor tubes and our pans of watercolor paints, but there are days where simplicity wins.  On a busy homeschool day, it’s these watercolor pencils that make it possible to work on an art project when we don’t have time for a big mess.

Back to Homeschool: All About Art Giveaway

Artist’s Loft Colored Pencils

I don’t know how things work in your home, but it seems like we’re always buying colored pencils.  So, while you probably already have a box or two of these, we all know you could use more. 😉

Back to Homeschool: All About Art Giveaway

XL Mixed Media Pad

We use these mixed media pads tons of different ways for art in our homeschool.  I’ve mentioned before that I know I should probably have watercolor paper, sketching paper, bristol board, and all the different art paper options on hand, but most of the time we stick to these mixed media pads for our art projects.

Back to Homeschool: All About Art Giveaway

Atmosflare 3d Pen Set

If you’ve not experimented with 3d art yet, this Atmosflare 3d Pen is a great way to get started.  Not sure what you’d do with a 3d pen? Be sure to look at my tips for using a 3d pen in your homeschool.

Back to Homeschool: All About Art Giveaway

Famous Artists Online Unit Study

Do you know my friend Beth from Techie Homeschool Mom? If not, stop by her site and take a look around.  It won’t take you long to see how cool it would be to win her Famous Artists Online Unit Study.  I’m super excited that she donated this… you’re going to love it!

Back to Homeschool: All About Art Giveaway

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Back to Homeschool: All About Art Giveaway
The basket itself isn’t included in the giveaway, but you knew that already, right? 😉

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224 thoughts on “Back to School 2016: All About Art Giveway”

  1. Thanks for the opportunity to win! I am planning on teaching prehistoric art though the renaissance to go along with our history.

  2. I’ve struggled with incorporating art in our studies. We are hoping to focus on some of the Renaissance artists this year

  3. I try to schedule a time specifically for art. It’s not always a structured time, and sometimes I worry that I’m letting the kids down in this area, but we usually have fun with it anyway.

    1. I’m sure you’re not letting them down, Ellen! Structured art time is important, but it’s equally important to let them explore on their own and have fun. 🙂

  4. Elizabeth Hafferty

    My son has finally shown interest in a favorite topic of mine (art, of course! ), and I can’t wait to get started. 🙂

  5. we use ACE so we do paces but 2 of my boys love to draw so even after school they are still drawing and making comics

  6. We incorporate art in a lot of different ways. We do nature walks and use a notebook to sketch and describe what we saw, felt, smelt, experienced. We use art to do daily writing assignments to incorporate both sides of the brain. We use art as a pneumonic device; certain colors or pictures drawn on the whiteboard help with memorizing details. We cook and bake together, which is definitely an art. 😉 While in the bath, my children use shaving cream with food coloring to draw on the walls. We use sand art and go to beaches and pick up sticks and rocks to make art. I’m not sure how art is NOT incorporated…. <3

  7. How do you incorporate art into your homeschool days? Art is part of history so it is fairly easy to incorporate art into history lessons by having the kids draw pictures, comic strip or posters for whatever era you are studying. They also draw and color informative posters that they create in science. In their daily writing assignments, I always encourage them to draw a picture of what they have written about. And sometimes they even draw out their math problems. Thank you for this opportunity and good luck to everyone.

    1. I’m with you, Teri! My son sketches scenes from our lessons each day (especially for history); that often serves us better than any formal test or review I could assign.

  8. I try to incorporate Art into all other subjects such as Reading, History, and Math when possible. My daughter also draws and creates in her free time. It is one of her favorite subjects. She enjoys using ArtAchieve too.

  9. We try to paint once a week, and also include drawings in our journals. My older daughter also takes an art class once a week for more formal instruction. And then we keep lots of art supplies around to use as we wish!

  10. We use art in all of our subjects from time to time – especially history, but also science, etc. We also have a specific day and time we set aside for “art class”.

    1. That sounds a lot like our homeschool. Art shows up here and there and everywhere and we also do a class through our co-op! 🙂

  11. I like to use art to make history lessons come alive. For example, when we were studying the Underground Railroad, we made paper quilt blocks in the designs that were used on the Underground Railroad quilts.

  12. Honestly, I struggle at incorporating art in our homeschool. We are trying Artisic Pursuits this year and I am hoping that I stick with it because my daughter really enjoys art.

    1. I’ve heard great things about Artistic Pursuits, Angie. It should make it much easier to make art a regular part of your homeschool plans!

    1. I’m so thankful for video resources! They make it so easy to give our kids a good variety of art instruction from home.

  13. We use Draw Write Now, Draw and Write Through History, and the Picture Smart Bible for art in our homeschool.

    1. Love, love, love Draw Write Now and Draw and Write Through History! Need to check out the Picture Smart Bible though. 😉

  14. Oh ya, we incorporate art with history allowing time to dabble in the country and time periods expression. Also, we art in our driveway with chalk pretty regularly. We art with food, and music, and sarcasm as well.?

  15. Art has always been a hard thing for me to fit in to our days. Today was our first day of school and I had bought some canvases for my boys to paint. They loved it!! SO I guess I should do a better job finding art things for them to do! 🙂

    1. Something about giving them a canvas to work with makes it seem like legit art… at least that’s the case for my kids! 😉

  16. I started using Tapestry of Grace as a curriculum last year and they seem to do a nice job of looking at the art of the time period we are studying. I print out some of the pictures and hang them in the bathroom then we color or paint our own reproductions. I have the kids illustrate the literature books we are reading. We love art here!

  17. We do art on Fridays, but my daughter often does extra because she enjoys art so much. She would love this.

  18. We do projects from Deep Space Sparkle based on the artist we are learning about at the time. I also have the HArmony Arts bundles for elementary and love them!!

  19. Truthfully? I am really NOT good at incorporating art into our homeschool days, per se. However, my son loves to draw (and does it whenever he has a free moment) and my daughter loves to knit, crochet, embroider and anything else that involves a needle/hook and thread/yarn. But I know that the kids would be really thrilled if we did more art in our homeschool, so, um, winning this giveaway would be awesome!

    1. My kids and I do better when we work with an art e-course or workshop versus random art time. If I don’t have that accountability I’m bad about not leaving enough time in our “schedule” (and I use that term loosely!) to tackle unstructured art time. I totally understand that struggle, Lynna!

  20. I am an art-challenged mom. Mostly we just look at art books and other artwork based on what time period of history we are studying.

    1. I know where you’re coming from, Dana! Checking out good books and working it into history are great ways to include art into your homeschool routine… good job! 🙂

  21. We don’t do a formal art curriculum, but do free art lessons we find off pinterest. My daughters favorite part of our homeschool is art!

  22. Kate Johnston Tucker

    Art is a part of our everyday life! We keep the supplies available the kids, and they create as the inspiration strikes.

  23. Judith Martinez

    I’m not very good about incorporating formal art instruction in our homeschool day but my children are given lots of materials to explore drawing and other art on their own.

  24. I make sure art supplies are available, both 2d (crayons, markers and paint) and 3d (air dry clay, scrap cardboard) for my learner to recreate her stories. She is very theatrical (another art) and I enjoy giving her plenty of time to explore the drama with the materials she creates. She problem solves a lot with the sculptural projects.

  25. My gd draws our plans for the day. We usually have art class once a week. However, I look for ways to add her drawing into our curriculum.

  26. Honestly, I need to incorporate more art studies in our homeschool. My kids love to draw, already, and are constantly drawing on their own. It would be nice to study famous artists.

  27. Thanks for the opportunity of participating for the chance to win this awesome material! I hope we win, my oldest son, who loves art has been asking me to study artists.

  28. Chrystal Stalzer

    We love art! It finds its way in everyday. Drawing the nature we see, a person or building we read about. We even like to study art and see what we can create with the same composition.

  29. I use a program that incorporates specific art into learning about the arts history and history in general. We also try to do projects here and there, I just have to get my supplies stocked.

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  31. Both of my school age kids love to draw and I incorporate that in as much schoolwork as I can. And even so it is their number one inside free time activity.

    1. I know what you mean, Angela! We incorporate art into our homeschool, but even more of it happens when our homeschool day is over just because my kids enjoy it.

  32. My daughter takes an art class once a week. However, she is always drawing something. She wants to start sculpting soon.

  33. We are using “I Can Do All Things”. It is an introductory art program teaching foundations and basics to build upon. We have also participated in a local co-op that he gets great art appreciation and application.

  34. My children are very artistic and love to sketch and paint but we never spend enough time on the subject. Hoping thats different this year.

  35. Art is hit and miss for us. I have discovered that if I want to do an art project, it has to be written in my planner. Otherwise we never get around to it. I have one daughter that is extremely artistic, and she does art whenever she can. Which is often, including drawing all over the pages of her math book when math gets boring… She would love all of the art supplies in this giveaway.

    1. I’m like that too. I need the accountability of having it in my lesson plans, even if they’re just doing art for fun.

  36. Last year I used a show on Amazon prime called creative galaxy. I find an episode, and create a lesson around the video. We start with the video, and I add in some further instruction/personal interpretation, we recreate the project, and then talk about it or show it to other members of the family.

  37. We paint, draw, color, and use other mediums like tile for mosaics and clay for pottery, etc. We incorporate what we have been learning into our artwork.

  38. We have done nature journals, artist studies (w/ deplication), and step-by-step type lessons. Art is something I’m always wanting to incorporate more, but sadly it doesn’t always get done.

  39. I’m not good at incorporating art. It’s sad, really. I’m not artsy at ALL. I need all the help I can get! In past years I’ve done my best to do crafts with the kids every couple weeks. This year I’m going to try to have them carefully draw what they are studying and hope to see improvement in their drawing ability with the practice over the course of the year.

    1. You are not alone, Sarah! I can make some rocking stick figures and things of that nature, but my kids are more comfortable with creating art than I’ve ever been. I’m grateful for all of the art resources out there for us not-so artsy folks! It’s a huge relief that our kids don’t have to miss out. 😉

  40. Our kiddos are always drawing or doodling, anyway, but we have Art as a built-in subject with our curriculum and it’s carried over into our History and Science notebook pages.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win this amazing giveaway!

  41. Art is one of those subjects that we are not consistent with 🙁 When we do incorporate it, it is generally through science and/or history.

  42. I struggle to work art into our homeschool, but we do visit our local art museum on occastion and have used online tutorials to try some different art techniques. Our co-op usually covers some art history.

  43. I am still trying to develop a genuine love of art in my kiddos, as they are coming around to loving poetry and literature. This would be a great addition to our homeschool. Thank you <3

  44. We incorporate art into pretty much every aspect of homeschool. If the children find they can learn whatever subject they are on by drawing or such then I encourage it. We also have time weekly devoted just to studying art.

    1. Realizing I could let the kids sketch along with any subject was a huge lightbulb moment for me! It’s a great way to ensure they understand what we’ve discussed.

  45. Paint On The Table

    I try to keep LOTS of supplies on hand and give them opportunities. My eldest is a 14 year old boy that doesn’t like to draw but will sketch compounds or houses or other buildings. But only if he has to do it. My three girls are very artsy and will use anything they can get their hands on to craft or draw. I have a shelf full of art books that they can use at any time-from how to draw to regular art books to books that have animals that are great to try to draw. I love art as well!

  46. I would so love to get this basket! I am so excited about art this year because my older teens are giving art lessons to their younger siblings. What a blessing!

  47. I love art, but it always fails by the wayside. This year I have purposely put my two oldest in art classes to hopefully fill in the gaps. Hoping this will lead to more projects at home.

  48. I leave ideas for projects strewn around or I set out different art supplies. We also do some art appreciation. My daughter will often find a tutorial for something she would like to find online.

  49. My daughter loves to draw anything and everything! Sometimes I am amazed at some of the things she draws. She also loves to write “stories” and she always draws pictures to along with her story. Thank you so much for the awesome items you are offering in your giveaway!! 🙂

    1. You’re so welcome, Teri! I love to hear that your daughter likes to draw and write… Sounds like you’ve got an author and illustrator on your hands. 😉

  50. I am not artistic, but three of my kids are, so they do their own art! They use “how to draw…” books, ARTistic Pursuits, and their own lively imaginations, but currently their favorite resource is Youtube instructional videos.

    1. Online studies are so much fun! Be sure to check out that link to the Famous Artists Unit Study… It’s such a great resource and I’m thrilled to include it in the giveaway!

  51. I have 3 aspiring artists so we try to keep art supplies well stocked. They use art whenever possible, whether for relaxation, to ward off boredom, or to help concrete an idea, so it would be great to win this basket!

  52. We incorporate art into science and history by making collages, clay models of the solar system, scale models of castles, and sunprint stationary.

  53. We love to draw and paint at our house, so we incorporate art at any chance we get to keep things fun and interesting. 🙂

  54. I have a an art area where they can access on their own time and we have several planned activities throughout the week. Art is one of my favorite subjects to teach! We would love to win this one!!!! Thank you for the chance! Love your blog!

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Suzanne! 🙂

      I love that you have supplies accessible so that they can create on their own time. That’s a great idea!

  55. We have a technical drawing book the older kids use. It really helps 2 of my boys who don’t like to color, yet I feel they need the practical aspect of it. It’s so much easier with the younger kids to do anything crafty and use various markers, paints, etc. We do incorporate some art history with our history 🙂

  56. Often, I can mix art and math, or we create art that ties in with our other studies. Thanks for a great giveaway.

  57. We love art in our home! My kiddos use every opportunity they can to create something, so some days we collect pieces of nature and let that lead our creations. we also love simply painting or drawing whatever we imagine!

  58. Up to now we use Art for Kids Hub to learn how to draw and I let my little ones (particularly my oldest, 7, who LOVES to draw & paint) be creative. This year we are starting Classical Conversations an art will be incorporated into our school in a different way and more regularly.

  59. We aren’t good about doing art as a subject of it’s own, so I try to get it in by relating it to the history or geography we are doing. So far this year we did a watercolor wash with Chinese calligraphy, learned about and tried our hand on Chinese style landscape painting, learned about Ming vases and other Ming pottery, and did some wood carving.

    1. Robin, these are incredible ideas! I love the idea for watercolor wash with calligraphy and all of the Chinese art. What a way to bring geography to life!

  60. We use art in different subjects. Not as much or extensively as I like ,looking into more of an actual art curriculum or guide to use.

  61. We usually do art at least two days a week and any other time we can tie it into our daily lives. My children love art.

  62. My daughter is gifted at drawing and loves to do manga. My son feels inadequate compared to his sister, although his artwork is good. I have a hard time incorporating it into our homeschool because although I am careful with everyone’s feelings, it always seems to be a negative experience. 🙁

  63. My daughter would absolutely love these art supplies! She is constantly drawing and really enjoys art! Thank you for an opportunity to win such an awesome set of art supplies!

  64. I try to incorporate art that ties in with something we are studying at the time. Anything from history, geography, science, or music.

  65. We are using Usborne Introduction to Art, Discovering Great Artist, and the MMOA Daily calendar to cover art this year.

  66. Judith Martinez

    I always believed that I couldn’t draw so I’ve tried to discourage that idea in my kids by telling them they can learn, anyone can learn.

  67. My eldest daughter is doing an art history program and my younger 3 are assigned something they must draw every morning.

  68. Sadly, we don’t incorporate art often enough. They’ll draw and sometimes paint, but making art a more regular thing is one of my main goals this year!

  69. I am so excited! My daughter loves art and I’m not good at it, but taking time to learn together will be awesome.

  70. Leslie Cremeens

    We do nature journals, personal art journals, and as a crafter, I’ll be teaching him how to do all sorts of crafts and have them relate to each subject we will be working on.

  71. We love art and have begun to use our first art book that introduces artists and styles of art. I have begun a recycle box for items to use to make a recycle art project and have plans to do an example of each style of art introduced in the book as well as to introduce each artist.

  72. We don’t have an art curriculum (although I would love to find one that fits our family), but the kids love to draw and write on their own. Every now and then we will break out the paint and markers and they will get a bit messy too.

  73. My kids are still pretty little, so we use lots of crayons, markers, colored pencils, finger paints, watercolors, etc.

  74. I recently bought a couple of I Can Draw books from Usbourne and plan to incorporate them into our homeschool. My 4 yr old loves to draw and paint!

  75. My children love to paint and color and since they are young that is mostly how we incorporate art. Sadly, it stresses me out a lot since the kids are small, but I would like to bite the bullet, breathe a little more, and let them get creative and try other art projects this year. 🙂

  76. I have strips of paper with diffrent activites acceptable to do when they are done with their independent work. Especially when i can not get to them for the next thing. Art is one of my list. They must pull out their art drawing book or their pre planned art lessons from their other books. Art usually gets picked by each child some time in the day. We also do Drawing your way through Proverbs from Notgrass. The kids love this drawing lesson too.

  77. Crystal Hamernik

    To be honest, we haven’t done much art. The little we have done has been artwork for history. I am hoping to do more in our second year of homeschooling, so we will see.

  78. We learn weekly at our homeschool group about various famous artists and mediums, etc. At home we don’t do anything formal, though my girls love to draw and tell stories through art. My husband is the artist and would love to have more time in his schedule to incorporate more formal training. In the mean time, it’s craft paper, crayons/markers/colored pencils and their brilliant imaginations! This would be a fantastic basket to win!

  79. Judith Martinez

    I have a whole file of art prints I am going to rotate once I finish unpacking. I think just exposure to art is so helpful.

  80. I give my daughter free art time to explore different techniques and mediums. She also gets online to research artists and their works. She’ll attempt their style.

  81. This would be a great addition to my homeschooling supplies. I love incorporating the arts every time I can. Draw, sing, etc. I think this helps use the part of their brains that are often ignored. Creativity is an important part of life.

    Thanks, Beth

  82. My kids have access to basic art supplies every day. When we do a certain read aloud, the kids get their coloured pencils, crayons, paints, whatever, and paint/draw/create while I read to them. Sometimes it follows the story we are reading and sometimes it’s just whatever they’re thinking about. I love it!

  83. Back for a second comment & another chance ;-). I would love to get all five of my kiddos doing art at least once a week. They do draw on computer paper but I know they could be doing more!

  84. It is very important to teach my children to draw…. it is part of creativity, individuality, self-worth, opens both right and left brain. It is part of art education in homeschooling yet it is also used in sciences, library, social studies, languages, math, reading, even in music. Drawing is awesome. It does not have to be complicated to teach. Make your own board game, work on a story picture together, make special occasion cards, make a t-shirt for each other using markers and draw pictures on them. Dream and think outside of any box that you have limited yourself to and allow your child to do the same, then add on art concepts every once in a while. From those concepts, create together

  85. We haven’t done much art, but I try to have them do a hands on.project for history each month. Sometimes that’s drawing a picture, sometimes writing a short book with illustrations. They’ve also made a poster with multiple illustrations. This year we are adding an art atudy to our medieval history studies and maybe using the Bob Ross DVDs to introduce them to painting.

  86. We do lots of art and craft as my kids love it! Most of it is paper, cutting and coloring because my kids are young, but would love to try out some of these supplies!

  87. We try to do Art 3 times a week, using you are an artist, artistic pursuits, and an artist study….my kiddos LOVE art.

  88. Actually it’s been haphazardly incorporated up until now but this year I’m trying to make it much more intentional 🙂 We are actually a family of artists sooo it’s not like we don’t get enough art but the intentional part sometimes lacks! Thanks for the opportunity to win this great basket 🙂

  89. Nicole Eisenman

    We do notebooking for several of our subjects so the kids are always coloring or painting most days of the week. This coming year I’m going to add in and artist study and then try recreating some of the art we study.

  90. At this point, we don’t. But we plan to this year! I’ve noticed that everyone becomes much more calm and focused. Great way to start out the day!

  91. Judith Martinez

    I have a bunch of notebooking pages I want to use for art. I’m hoping to do an artist per month in our morning time.

  92. We do a lot on Fridays and the weekends but science drawings are about the only art during the week. Would love to incorporate more into every subject.

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