What to Read: Alexander Hamilton Books for Kids

Studying the life and legacy of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton in your homeschool? Don’t miss this list of Alexander Hamilton books for kids!

Studying the life and legacy of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton in your homeschool? Don't miss this list of Alexander Hamilton books for kids!

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Whether your interest stems from your homeschool history plans or an obsession with the musical Hamilton, these books about Alexander Hamilton can help you explore his life, contributions, and legacy with your kids. Better yet, there’s a good mix of nonfiction biographies and picture books to help you learn.

Children’s Books About Alexander Hamilton

Before we jump into this list of Alexander Hamilton books for kids, keep in mind that Amazon links are included in all the title descriptions below. That makes it easy to add them to your Amazon wishlist or cart.

You can also find the books listed here on this Bookshop.org list if you prefer to stick with independent booksellers.

1. A Picture Book of Alexander Hamilton

Exactly what it sounds like, A Picture Book of Alexander Hamilton shares an overview of Hamilton’s story. It also includes a timeline of important dates in Hamilton’s life after the text ends.

2. Alexander Hamilton: The Outsider

This Alexander Hamilton biography by Jean Fritz was written for upper elementary and middle schoolers. It does a good job explaining events that shaped Hamilton personally and the ways he influenced the founding of the United States.

Worth noting, this one does address Hamilton’s affair with Maria Reynolds, but refers to the relationship as Hamilton “seeing Maria.” 

3. Who Was Alexander Hamilton?

Another good Hamilton biography, Who Was Alexander Hamilton? is a good chapter book for elementary kiddos to read alone or together as a read aloud. It mixes illustrations and text on nearly every page, but also includes timelines of Hamilton’s life and the world in general to show how Hamilton’s life fits into the big picture of history.

4. Alexander Hamilton

National Geographic’s Alexander Hamilton is a great fit for visual learners who are learning about Hamilton. Like most Nat Geo books, it features lots of illustrations and graphics while sharing details from Hamilton’s life through text and attention-getting design. Better still, it also features a quiz and glossary in the back to be used as needed.

5. The Story of Alexander Hamilton

This biography discusses Hamilton’s younger years, move to America, and leadership in the American Revolution and government. It features eye-catching graphics that highlight maps, myth versus fact snippets, quotes, and timelines.

6. Eliza

I include this gorgeous picture book about Hamilton’s wife Eliza because of how profoundly she impacted his life, supported his work, and propelled his legacy. Between the beautiful illustrations and afterword from Hamilton the Musical’s Philippa Soo, it’s our favorite book about Eliza.

For more on Eliza Schuyler Hamilton, look for From a Small Seed or Eliza Hamilton: Founding Mother. Both are good picture book options for learning more about her story and how it intersects with her husband’s story.

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7. Alexander Hamilton: From Orphan to Founding Father

This reader about Alexander Hamilton features cartoonish illustrations and is a good choice for younger readers who are gaining confidence.

8. Aaron and Alexander

Aaron and Alexander is a picture book that addresses Hamilton’s infamous duel with Aaron Burr. In addition to covering Hamilton’s death by duel, it highlights the parallels in their lives, roles in the Revolutionary War and founding of the United States, and their legacies.

9. Alexander Hamilton: A Plan for America

This leveled reader shares Hamilton’s story from beginning to end, including the duel with Burr, but keeps the emphasis on Hamilton’s role as a Founding Father. It also includes a timeline in the back along with details on Hamilton’s family, views on slavery and money, and writings.

10. I Am Alexander Hamilton

Inspired by Brad Meltzer’s Ordinary People Change the World books, I Am Alexander Hamilton is based on the Alexander Hamilton episode from Xavier Riddle and the Secret Museum on PBS Kids. It’s not exclusively about Hamilton or his life, but it’s a good way to spur interest in him and a fun way to introduce younger kids to this Founding Father.

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Studying the life and legacy of American Founding Father Alexander Hamilton in your homeschool? Don't miss this list of Alexander Hamilton books for kids!

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