5 Must-Reads for a New Season of Homeschool

I’m often amazed by how much our homeschool has changed since we started in 2009.  Our homeschool has been full of changes: some changes have been in methods, some have been related to scheduling, and some have been in mentality.  Friend, just like any part of life, our homeschools go through seasons, too.

Must Reads for a New Season of HomeschoolIt can be scary when your needs change and you find yourself facing a new season of homeschool.  I know that well!  From a school at home approach to planner perfect to a “we’ll get there when we get there” mentality, we’ve been there and done that.  To elaborate, we started with fairly traditional school approach and then shifted to a very structured, diligently followed eclectic plan.  From there, some would say I’ve gone off the deep end.  Would you believe me if I told you I sometimes go weeks without glancing at my lesson plans?  (Before you stop reading, let me put your mind to ease and say that we still have school each day — I just don’t need my planner to make it happen anymore!)  Yep, our homeschool is ever-changing.

That’s one of the wonderful things about homeschool: you’re not tied down to methods, curriculum, and schedules.   In fact, you’re not tied down to anything at all. When your family goes through change, your homeschool can change with you!  You can adjust as needed and keep searching until you find what works best for you and your people.  It’s a beautiful thing!

When you’ve got a new season of homeschool on the horizon, it’s nice to know that you’re not alone.  Here are a few of my favorite articles about changes in homeschool.  These lovely bloggers share their experiences, reasons behind changes in their homeschools, and help for the transitions.  For those reasons, they’re must-reads for shifting to new seasons in your homeschool.

Must-Read Posts for a New Season of Homeschool

Letting Go of the Homeschool Ideal
Homegrown Learners

Sometimes the things that worked perfectly for years in your homeschool stop working so well. It happens to all of us at some point. In this post, Mary shares her family’s homeschool transition and the reason behind it.

And Then I Realized I Was Doing It All Wrong
Living Well & Spending Less

Maybe you’ve researched and planned wonderful things and know exactly where your homeschool is headed, just to learn that the direction is wonderful, but it’s not working for you or your kids.  If you’ve been there, are there, or suspect you’re headed there, Ruth’s post is exactly what you need for finding peace in a new season.

3 Easy Ways to Transition to a Charlotte Mason Homeschool Style
Weird Unsocialized Homeschoolers

Don’t skip this one if you’re not a Charlotte Mason homeschool family and have no desire to be one!  This post is a valuable resource for navigating change in your homeschool methods, whatever they might be.

Why I’m No Longer Behind in Homeschool
The Unlikely Homeschool

What I love about this post is that it embraces a big change in homeschool mentality.  As Jamie points out in this post, your mentality can make or break your homeschool.  This post is all about letting go of that daunting feeling of having to keep up and embracing your unique homeschool flow.

Knowing When to Let the Schedule Go
Adventures in Mommydom

Ticia’s post is about a mentality shift, but it’s a great reminder that letting go of the schedule can often allow wonderful things to happen for our children.  If you feel a new season coming on, knowing when to let go of your schedule could make all the difference for your sanity while you transition and as you continue your homeschool journey.

Bonus: Watch! Our Homeschool Has Changed
Blessed Learners

There’s much comfort in changing seasons when you know others have experienced the same changes and weathered them successfully!  Adelien’s family may live across the world from me, but the seasons of change in her homeschool greatly resemble ours.


Where do you draw encouragement when you feel a new season of homeschool is on the horizon?

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Must Reads for a New Season of Homeschool - Articles That Every Homeschooler Should Read

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