Having Fun with 3D Pens for Kids

We began experimenting with 3D art earlier this year, so we’ve known for a while now just how fun this medium can be. You can imagine how excited my kids were to have more fun with 3D art, but this time by using 3D pens for kids!

Having Fun with 3D Pens for Kids

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Our first experience with a 3D pen was great, but we were using a tool that was best suited for teenagers and adults. My ten year-old enjoyed our first pen and still uses it, but he’s also a bit young for it.

When I learned about IDO3D pens, I knew we’d have to give them a try. After all, using 3D pens made especially for kids gives both of my kids a chance to have fun with 3D art. How can I say no to that?

Having Fun with 3D Pens for Kids

I knew this 3D art experience would be different from our first as soon as I opened our new box. Our IDO3D Vertical set contained three drawing pens, a pen light, a guide map, a plastic sheet, and a couple of rounded building accessories.

Having fun with 3D pens for kids

The plastic sheet, guide map, and those building accessories were a nice surprise! I only expected the pens and the blue LED light to be included, but those bonus goodies made it easy to open the box and get started with our 3D fun.

Other than the pens themselves, the guide map might be my favorite thing in the kit. My son picked a project from the guide map, placed the plastic sheet over it, and got to work.

By following the map, he was able to create a 3D giraffe, which was considerably more difficult than the projects he tackled with our first 3D pen. The guide helped him get comfortable with our IDO3D pens and learn a new way to create in 3D.

Having fun with 3D pens for kids

How to Use IDO3D Pens

Kids can tackle 3D projects in a couple of ways. One of those ways is by drawing vertically with the pens. This can be challenging at first, but it’s lots of fun once you’ve had some practice.

The key is to apply steady pressure while drawing away from the work surface.  Also, the LED light has to be on when drawing for this method to work. That allows it to cure the ink while you continue to create.

Having fun with 3D pens for kids

Another option is to draw on the plastic sheet and cure the elements after drawing each segment. This is a great way to get started with 3D art because it’s familiar and gives kids a chance to get a feel for the pressure and control needed for using the pens.

This was the approach I used with my daughter. She’s too young to use the 3D pens on her own, but I worked with her to create some 3D flowers.

Having fun with 3D pens for kids
I started by drawing some flower outlines on the plastic sheet. Then I let her cure my outlines and fill them in petal by petal. She felt like a big girl because she got to make the stems on her own!

What to Know About
3D Pens for Kids

These 3D pens for kids are lots of fun, but they can be challenging for kids who haven’t experimented with this medium before. Here are some tips to keep in mind to help your kiddos have fun with 3D art:

  • Practice makes perfect in 3D art, just like other art mediums. Don’t expect to master it overnight! It takes time and patience to work up to the cool projects in the videos.
  • You need plenty of ink to create big projects or projects that contain lots of filled-in segments.
  • There’s lots of help available to help you get started. The kit contains a helpful drawing sheet, but there are tutorials and free 3D art courses available. Take advantage of these!
  • Hand sanitizer works better than soap and water to remove the ink from skin.
  • You can use the LED light to cure all of your work, but direct sunlight is a great way to harden bigger pieces. That’s especially helpful for those that are filled with ink since they take longer to cure.
  • It’s made for kids eight years-old and up, but younger kids can still experiment with some help from mom or dad.

Having fun with 3D pens for kids

Where to Find IDO3D Pens

IDO3D Pens are available on Amazon and several other retailers. You can find the full list on the IDO3D website. While you’re checking out those retailers, be sure to take a look around the entire website. You’ll find 3D art tutorials, fun craft ideas, and information about some of the world’s greatest artists.

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  1. This looks awesome! My daughter has been asking me about getting a 3D pen – I can’t wait to look into this some more, it looks really cool.

    1. The 3D pens are lots of fun, Heather! They’re challenging in some ways, but that’s to be expected with any new art medium. ;)

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