2018 Weekly Homeschool Planning Worksheets

Want to organize your homeschool plans, but aren’t sure where to start? My 2018 Weekly Homeschool Planning Worksheets can help.

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Need help with homeschool planning? Don't miss these 2018 weekly homeschool planning worksheets.

In the past, I’ve used well-known printed planners, an online homeschool planner, and even a simple notebook for lesson planning. I’ve used them all and have plenty of good things to say about all of these planning methods.

So, why use planning worksheets when there are tons of great planning tools out there? Here’s how to use this approach to homeschool planning and how you can get your own 2018 planning worksheets.

Homeschool Here and Now
Versus Homeschool Big Picture

In my nine years of homeschooling, I’ve learned that it’s easy to plan our day-to-day homeschool to-do list and at the same time lose sight of our overall goals. On the same note, I’ve learned that when I focus too much on our overall goals — the destination — I’m inclined to neglect the actionable steps needed to get us there.

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While I love the planners I’ve used in the past, none of them help me accomplish both. They do a great job helping me organize day-to-day homeschool life on one page, but none keep me mindful of the bigger picture.

Simplify your homeschool planning with these FREE 2018 Weekly Homeschool Planning Worksheets

I can’t be the only homeschool parent out there who needs to have the weekly homeschool plans and the overall goals together on one page, right? That’s how these weekly homeschool planning worksheets came to be.

2018 Weekly Homeschool Planning Worksheets

Want to know more? Here are the details:

  • The worksheets can be used for your official homeschool planner or to help you finalize your plans. You can print the sheets and place them in a binder and, voila, you’ve got a new planner that’s especially helpful for a relaxed homeschooling structure.
  • Pages are designed with a simplified homeschool routine in mind. These are great if you follow a homeschool routine, but not the best fit if you prefer a detailed schedule.
  • Each monthly page will work for each week that month. For example, printing the January sheet four times will give you all the pages needed for weekly planning in January. Distinguish the different weeks by highlighting the appropriate week on the calendar portion and writing the week number in the assignment area.
  • It’s best to use each page for one child. Consider printing the worksheets front and back to accommodate more than one student.
  • Use the goals area to increase awareness of your monthly goals. Focus on the day-to-day by utilizing the assignments area.
  • The Jot It Down area can be used however you wish.
  • List any additional resources needed for the week, such as library books or science experiment supplies, in the extra resources area.

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