2016 Reader Favorites: Most-Read Posts from Table Life Blog

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If you’re anything like me, you love looking back and reflecting on all that has happened in the last year.  As a writer, I especially love looking through reader favorites and seeing what posts connected with people the most in the previous year.

Sure, most-popular lists are always fun to read, but looking at my most-read posts lets me know how I can better focus on my ultimate goal for TableLifeBlog: to encourage and equip homeschool families.

2016 Reader Favorites ~ 10 Most-Read Posts from Table Life Blog

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Today I’m (re)sharing those reader favorites with you. Without further ado, here are the 10 Most-Read Posts from TableLifeBlog for 2016:

2016 Reader Favorites:
10 Most-Read Posts

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1. 20 Book Series to Get Your Kids Hooked on History

I love good book lists just as much as the next homeschooler, but I never dreamed this list of our favorite history book series would rank at the top of my 2016 reader favorites!

2016-Reader Favorites from TableLifeBlog ~ 20 Book Series to Get Your Kids Hooked on History

2. Done By Noon: A Look at Our Typical Homeschool Day

Done By Noon was a rather freeing post for me. There are lots of families out there who successfully homeschool for seven+ hours each day, but we aren’t one of those families. It was nice to be able to share our half-day schedule and why it works for us.

2016 Reader Favorites from TableLifeBlog ~ Done by Noon: A look at our typical homeschool day
That said, while I enjoyed the opportunity to share what we do each day, I especially loved learning more about works for you and your family through the post comments and social media conversations.

3. Websites for Homeschooling Preschool

I always love sharing homeschooling resources that have worked well for us and that’s exactly what this post on my go-to websites for preschool was about. It’s a list of all the websites I turned to time and time again while homeschooling preschool for both of my kids.

2016 Reader Favorites from TableLifeBlog ~ My Go-to Websites for Homeschooling PreschoolAlso worth noting, we still visit quite a few of those websites regularly as we homeschool kindergarten with my youngest. There’s lots of good early learning stuff in this list!

4. Easy Ocean Unit Study for Preschoolers

I was super excited to share our Ocean Unit for Preschoolers here on the blog. My little one and I had so much fun learning about ocean creatures and were happy to share our ideas.

2016 Reader Favorites from TableLifeBlog ~ Easy Ocean Unit for Preschoolers
Don’t let him know that I mentioned it here, but Big Brother didn’t mind learning about ocean life alongside us in this study. It may be aimed at preschoolers, but there’s plenty here for big kids too!

5.  Our Must-Haves for Homeschool Art

We experiment with lots of art projects in our homeschool and have quite a few supplies we’ve come to appreciate over the years. I share those supplies in this list of our 10 Must-Haves for Homeschool Art.

2016 Reader Favorites from TableLifeBlog ~ Must Haves for Homeschool Art

6. Homeschooling with an
Open Floor Plan

I’m always looking for storage solutions for homeschool, but I’ve never seen anything that talks specifically about the challenges of homeschooling with an open floor plan. That’s how this post was born.

2016 Reader Favorites from TableLifeBlog ~ Homeschooling with an Open Floor Plan and Keeping the Clutter Under ControlIt’s a look at the unique challenges of homeschooling right there in the open with no closed doors or walls to hide the clutter.

7. Thanksgiving Resources for Homeschool

This list of Thanksgiving Resources was a fun one to compile. It contains several great homeschool resources to learn about the Thanksgiving holiday and its origins, but also resources to remind your students about the heart of thanksgiving: gratitude.

2106 Reader Favorites from TableLifeBlog ~ Thanksgiving Resources for Homeschool

8. Top 10 Free Kindle Apps for Preschool

We often shout from the rooftops how much we love, love, LOVE our Kindle Fires and use them for homeschooling in lots of ways. One of those ways involves educational apps.

2016 Reader Favorites from TableLifeBlog ~ Top 10 Free Preschool Kindle Apps
My post on my Top 10 Free Kindle Apps for Preschool is a list of our favorite apps for early learning. These apps are fantastically fun, but are also free and packed with sneaky learning opportunities.

9. How to Teach Art Appreciation without Curriculum

There was a time when I would’ve laughed about writing a post about teaching art appreciation without curriculum since I’m sooooo not naturally art inclined.

2016 Reader Favorites from Table Life Blog ~ How to Teach Art Appreciation without a Curriculum
Nevertheless, that’s what homeschooling does to us as parents. We find ourselves venturing into uncharted territory like teaching art appreciation because we’re learning with our children. It’s a beautiful thing!

10. Homeschool Regrets:
The One Thing I’d Go Back and Change

Thankfully I don’t have many regrets about our homeschool journey, but the one thing I’d go back and change is a big one and it could’ve saved us from years of frustration in our homeschool.

2016 Reader Favorites from Table Life Blog ~ Homeschool Regrets
Homeschool Regrets is a look at that big thing and encouragement to help you avoid making that mistake with your kids.

Did you have a favorite that didn’t make this list? If so, I’d love for you to share it in the comments below. 🙂

2016 Reader Favorites ~ 10 Most-Read Posts from Table Life Blog


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2016 Reader Favorites ~ The Most-Read Posts from TableLifeBlog

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