10 Star Wars Gift Ideas for Your Favorite Jedi

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It’s a great time to be a Star Wars fan.  The storylines of The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels have stirred the imaginations of a whole new generation of fans over the last few years.

And when you add the buzz around the The Force Awakens movie, Star Wars fans – young and not-so-young – are more excited than ever to dive deeper into the galactic saga.  Indeed, Star Wars has become a family affair!

10 Awesome Star Wars Gift Ideas for Kids

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Between my hubby and The Boy, I’ve become a Star Wars fan by default.  Hubby has been a Star Wars fan as long as I’ve known him.  I can even remember seeing Episodes I, II, and III with him on dates throughout the years.

As for the Boy, you’d be amazed by the things we’ve learned together on Wookiepedia through the years!  Even when The Boy was as young as four, he had me scouring that site for complex Star Wars details and making connections between all sorts of obscure characters.

His passion for all things Star Wars has led us to become quite skilled in choosing gifts for kids who love Star Wars. Here are ten Star Wars gift ideas that have been popular in our home.

10 Awesome Star Wars Gift Ideas for Kids

Galactic Family Game Nights

We have several Star Wars board games, but we would like to add Star Wars Battleship, Star Wars Monopoly, and Star Wars Risk to our collection.

10 Awesome Star Wars Gift Ideas for KidsStar Wars Science
Multicolor Light Saber Room Light

This Lightsaber Room Light has been on The Boy’s wishlist this year.  Something about a saber that doubles as a light takes his Star Wars obsession to the next level!

10 Awesome Star Wars Gift Ideas for Kids

Peel and Stick Star Wars Wall Decals

The Boy has the Clone Wars version of these decals and has loved them for years! They’re great for personalizing a room without any permanent markings.

10 Awesome Star Wars Gift Ideas for Kids

Updated LEGO Star Wars
Character Encyclopedia

The Boy has always loved these Character Encyclopedias. In fact, his are some of the most ragged looking books he has. He reads them THAT much!

10 Awesome Star Wars Gift Ideas for Kids

Star Wars Coloring Gifts

Your Jedi shouldn’t be limited to the standard coloring book and crayons. These Crayola Crayons in a Collectible Storm Trooper Tin and Giant Star Wars Rebels Coloring Pages are a more appropriate selection.

10 Awesome Star Wars Gift Ideas for Kids

Crayola Star Wars Story Studio

This Star Wars Story Studio is one of The Boy’s all-time favorite Star Wars gifts. This kit allows kids to place themselves in the galactic battle through cool technology and it’s a great combination of DIY comics and Star Wars!

10 Awesome Star Wars Gift Ideas for Kids

Mr. Potato Head Star Wars Characters

These are such fun Star Wars gifts! Spudtrooper and Darth Tater have been around for several years, but Playskool added Luke Frywalker, Frylo Ren, and Yoda after The Force Awakens released.

10 Awesome Star Wars Gift Ideas for Kids

Star Wars Pajamas

Young or not-so young, Star Wars fans need pajamas just like the rest of us. Vader PJs like these are always in style and come in adult sizes for older Star Wars fans.

10 Awesome Star Wars Gift Ideas for Kids

Star Wars Science:
Death Star Planetarium

The Boy has had this planetarium for years and still enjoys it. The cool thing about this is that it not only shows the Star Wars galaxy, it shows Earth’s night sky as well.

10 Awesome Star Wars Gift Ideas for Kids

Star Wars Book Series

A Star Wars series like Star Wars: Jedi Academy Trilogy or The Origami Yoda Files would make a great gift for your favorite Jedi. Mine enjoys both of these collections, but prefers Jedi Academy out of these two.

10 Awesome Star Wars Gift Ideas for Kids

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