Critical Thinking with Gifted Language Arts

Have you ever wondered if a gifted language arts curriculum could be a good fit for your homeschool even if your kids aren’t necessarily gifted? I found myself wondering the same thing recently and I’m excited to tell you what I’ve learned. *I received a complimentary Autobiographies and Memoirs unit for[Read more]

Homeschooling Pre-Algebra & Beyond

Homeschool Math: Pre-Algebra and Beyond with Mr. D Math

Something about homeschool and high school math seems unthinkable to many people. All homeschool parents aren’t math rockstars, but it’s pretty ridiculous that one of the biggest arguments against homeschooling is the possibility that our kids won’t have a chance to excel in the upper levels of math. What the naysayers[Read more]

Using CTC Math with Early Learners

CTC Math - A Strong Math Foundation for Early Learners

Math is a four-letter word that intimidates homeschool parents like no other, but I’m glad it doesn’t have to be that way.  Your children can build a strong math foundation from the beginning of the homeschool journey while you barely lift a finger.  I received a free CTC Math membership and was compensated for[Read more]

Kindergarten Stepping Stones, Christian Homeschool Curriculum

Kindergarten Stepping Stones

Have you ever felt intimidated by the thought of homeschooling kindergarten? There’s certainly some pressure that comes along with laying a solid educational foundation while passing on a love for learning to our children. I’ve felt that pressure throughout the years, but I’ve learned that homeschooling kindergarten — or any grade level —[Read more]