Filmmaking with the Force: George Lucas Unit Study

Filmmaking with the Force: George Lucas Unit Study

Do your kids love all things Star Wars? If so, it’s time to bring the Force to your homeschool through a George Lucas Unit Study. (Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.) George Lucas and his legacy have been longtime dinner conversation topics in my home. My husband is[Read more]

Homeschool Curriclum Planning (+ Planning Printable)

Planning Next Year's Homeschool Curriculum

Looking ahead to a new year of homeschooling is always exciting for me.  I might be in the minority, but gathering all of my homeschool catalogs and reading curriculum reviews is my idea of a great Friday night. (Don’t make fun!)  I enjoy the process of researching materials and curriculum[Read more]

DIY Canvas Art (+ A Sweet Giveaway!)

DIY Canvas Art (Plus an awesome Canvas Factory Giveaway)

I’ve always enjoyed the idea of art, but I’ve never felt like I could actually create my own.  Until recently, that is.  Despite the fact that I used to believe that art was something that was only for “real artists,” I’ve been jumping in and creating anyway. That’s left me[Read more]

Small Beginnings – Free Scripture Prints

Free Scripture Prints - Luke 10 and Zechariah 4

Lately I’ve been hearing God whisper a few things over and over again.  I’ve been hearing a very specific message and it’s one that I don’t want to lose in the hustle of my everyday life. When those messages come, I like to create reminders for myself so that I can[Read more]

So Long, Late Fees – Stopping the Library Struggle

Surely you’ve noticed by now that we are some library-loving folks around here.  It doesn’t even matter if we’ve already got a stack of books we’re working through, if we happen to be in the neighborhood we can’t help ourselves from stopping by and borrowing more.  That library addiction comes[Read more]