Teaching Art Appreciation without a Curriculum

How to Teach Art Appreciation without a Curriculum

If you’re like me and have never considered yourself to be terribly artsy, the thought of teaching art appreciation seems downright intimidating.  It’s tempting to think the most logical choices seem to be to outsource art appreciation and leave it to the professionals or spend tons of money and time[Read more]

My Go-to Websites for Homeschooling Preschool

My Go-to Websites for Homeschooling Preschool

I’ve said before that I almost can’t fathom what it was like to homeschool before the internet; that goes for homeschooling preschool too!  There’s no shortage of incredible websites that make it easier than ever to foster early learning at home. (This post contains affiliate links; please see disclosure for[Read more]

Done by Noon: A Look at Our Typical Homeschool Day

Done by Noon: A look at our typical homeschool day

One question we frequently get asked about homeschooling is how long we actually spend on it each day.  Our schedule and lesson plans have experienced some major changes since we started homeschooling, but one thing hasn’t:  for the most part, our typical homeschool day ends at noon. (This post contains[Read more]

Top 10 Free Kindle Apps for Preschoolers

Top 10 Free Preschool Kindle Apps

I would’ve never dreamed a Kindle Fire could be such a useful tool for homeschooling preschool, but it is!  Thanks to the great selection of Kindle apps for preschoolers, the Kindle Fire has turned into one of our favorite day-to-day resources in our homeschool. Some of these great apps make video[Read more]

20 Book Series to Get Your Kids Hooked on History

20 Book Series to Get Your Kids Hooked on History

It usually starts innocently.  I’ll be working on my homeschool lesson plans and come across a book — usually from a series — that works well with the topic we’re covering in history at the time.  In no time at all,  my son is hooked.  He blows through the entire series because he can’t[Read more]