A Homeschool Morning Through Their Eyes

Ever wonder what a homeschool morning might be like from a kid’s perspective? Today I’m putting my kids in the spotlight and sharing what homeschooling is like through their eyes. *Post contains affiliate links. If you click through one of these links, I could receive a small commission at no[Read more]

Schoolroom Spotlight: Homeschooling from Our Apartment

If you visited our homeschool space a year ago, you would’ve seen the breakfast nook off of the kitchen in our house. You would’ve seen our old farmhouse table, covered with paint splatters from many a mixed media project and you would’ve seen our bookshelves and two closets full of[Read more]

History Through Immersion: Medieval England Unit Study

History Through Immersion: Medieval England Unit Study

Are you planning to study the Middle Ages in your homeschool? If so, you’re in the right place. I’ve got a fantastic Medieval England Unit Study to share with you today. *I received a free copy of Time Capsule: Medieval England for review. Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for[Read more]

Homeschool Mother’s Journal: Permission to Slack Off

I finished writing out plans for our first few weeks of the new homeschool year today. It’s been a slower-than-normal summer around here from a homeschooling perspective and I’m ready to get back to our routine. As excited as I am about some homeschool normalcy, I’m also looking ahead and[Read more]

I’m the Homeschool Mom Without an Education Degree

Isn’t it interesting that a homeschool parent’s qualifications or lack thereof can cause objections to homeschooling? For whatever reason, there’s this notion that only those with a background in education are truly capable of teaching and training children and teenagers. Here’s the thing, I am that homeschool mom without an[Read more]

Homeschool Inspiration: Charlotte Mason Quotes, Prints, & Phone Backgrounds

Free Charlotte Mason Printables - 8 Downloadable prints with matching phone backgrounds

Looking for some inspiration and encouragement for your homeschool journey? Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Charlotte Mason quotes with you. Better yet, I’ve created graphics for social sharing, phone backgrounds, and printables with these quotes. *Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details Most of these quotes are[Read more]