Letter of the Week Update: I – P

Our Letter of the Week fun has been rocking right along since our A-H Update.  Are we still following our A to Z Toddler and Preschool Curriculum?  Eh, sometimes yes and sometimes not so much.  Although I always read ahead to see what will work for us, most of the weekly themes[Read more]

Free Printable Homeschool Decor

We recently moved into our new house and, as you can imagine, life is pretty busy around here.  We’ve spent the last few weeks packing, moving, working out furniture placement and unpacking.  We’ve gained space that we’ve never had before and my mind has been in overdrive. You guys, we’ve got a school room!  How awesome is[Read more]

Favorite Letter of the Week Resources

I recently noted in my Letter of the Week Update that I haven’t exactly been following our curriculum each week.  I know, I know.  I mean, why on earth can’t I just use the preschool curriculum as it is?  Trust me, I ask myself that about once a week as[Read more]

Letter of the Week Update – A through H

If you’ve been keeping up with our Week in Review posts, you’ve had glimpses of Prissy’s Letter of the Week fun.  As I shared in my Beyond Playtime post, I initially planned to wait a while to add her to our homeschool roster.  However, she made her way to the table sooner than[Read more]

Homeschool Curriculum Rejects – The Math Factor

Part of this homeschool journey is finding what methods and curriculum options work best for your children.  Sometimes that journey can take a while.  Lord knows we’ve spent some time on this stretch! We’ve found our groove in most subjects, but it’s certainly taken some effort and experimenting.  Math has been[Read more]