Adventures in Art – Help from the Pros

Adventures in Art - Help from the Profeessionals

When life gets busy in our homeschool, it’s tempting to let language arts, math, history, and science dominate the lesson plans.  However, even on the busiest days I know I’ll have a mutiny on my hands if my kids don’t have a chance to get creative. Sure, Teaching art appreciation in your homeschool is perfectly[Read more]

Considering Homeschool: Wrapping Up

Our Considering Homeschool journey is coming to an end now.  We’ve explored much in this series: legal considerations, methods, curriculum choices, budgeting, and more.  So, what haven’t we talked about in this series?  Socialization The other s-word.  If there’s anything homeschoolers are sick of talking about, it’s socialization.  For some crazy reason,[Read more]

Considering Homeschool: Transitioning to Homeschool

We’ve looked at lots of things on our Considering Homeschool journey: legal aspects, methods, curriculum, and budgeting to name a few. But what does all of this mean if you’re not homeschooling from the beginning?  How do you transition from public or private school into homeschool life?  Overall, the to-do[Read more]

Considering Homeschool: Homeschool on a budget

If you’ve had a chance to research homeschool methods and curriculum options, it’s quite possible that those dollar signs are starting to make you dizzy.  I get it. Homeschooling can be a budget nightmare. How on earth are you supposed to do this and still pay your bills? (This post contains affiliate[Read more]

Considering Homeschool: Day to Day Logistics

Our Considering Homeschool journey has led us on several important stops thus far: reading, reflection, and research (book suggestions, state legal considerations, etc.); preschool at home; and an overview of homeschool methods.  Those are all crucial topics to cover before beginning homeschool. Once you have an idea of what your state[Read more]