Why I Don’t Schedule Homeschool Bible Time

Why I Don't Schedule Homeschool Bible Time

Lean in close, friend. Today I’m sharing why I don’t plan Bible study time for our homeschool. That may be a bit surprising because those who know my family know that I’m sitting in a room with 15+ Bibles as I write this. Even so, homeschool Bible time isn’t something[Read more]

12 Children’s Books About Marc Chagall

12 Children's Books About Marc Chagall

Looking for an easy way to introduce your kids to the colorful art of Marc Chagall? Children’s books are a great place to start, so grab your favorite pen and notebook. Today I’m sharing my list of Marc Chagall books for kids. *Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.[Read more]

Using Customized Stationery with Kids

Using Customized Stationery with Kids

I’ve come a long way with customized stationery since I designed my own wedding invitations back in 2002. I almost wish I was kidding, but I tweaked a Publisher template, typed out our wedding details in Lucida Cursive, and took those invites to a print shop. If you have no[Read more]

When you’re tempted to abandon your homeschool plans 

What to do when you're tempted to abandon your homeschool plans 

The moment has arrived. You’ve thought about it for months and you’re finally alone, gel pen in hand, curriculum spread out, and planner open. You leave your planning session with excitement and anticipation for the upcoming homeschool year. Fast forward a few months. Your homeschool year is in full swing,[Read more]

Homeschool Inspiration: Charlotte Mason Quotes, Prints, & Phone Backgrounds

Free Charlotte Mason Printables - 8 Downloadable prints with matching phone backgrounds

Looking for some inspiration and encouragement for your homeschool journey? Today I’m sharing some of my favorite Charlotte Mason quotes with you. Better yet, I’ve created graphics for social sharing, phone backgrounds, and printables with these quotes. *Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details Most of these quotes are[Read more]