Filmmaking with the Force: George Lucas Unit Study

Filmmaking with the Force: George Lucas Unit Study

Do your kids love all things Star Wars? If so, it’s time to bring the Force to your homeschool through a George Lucas Unit Study. (Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.) George Lucas and his legacy have been longtime dinner conversation topics in my home. My husband is[Read more]

Homeschool Curriclum Planning (+ Planning Printable)

Planning Next Year's Homeschool Curriculum

Looking ahead to a new year of homeschooling is always exciting for me.  I might be in the minority, but gathering all of my homeschool catalogs and reading curriculum reviews is my idea of a great Friday night. (Don’t make fun!)  I enjoy the process of researching materials and curriculum[Read more]

Small Beginnings – Free Scripture Prints

Free Scripture Prints - Luke 10 and Zechariah 4

Lately I’ve been hearing God whisper a few things over and over again.  I’ve been hearing a very specific message and it’s one that I don’t want to lose in the hustle of my everyday life. When those messages come, I like to create reminders for myself so that I can[Read more]

So Long, Late Fees – Stopping the Library Struggle

Surely you’ve noticed by now that we are some library-loving folks around here.  It doesn’t even matter if we’ve already got a stack of books we’re working through, if we happen to be in the neighborhood we can’t help ourselves from stopping by and borrowing more.  That library addiction comes[Read more]

Walt Disney Unit Study (with free printable!)

DIY Walt Disney Unit Study

Once upon a time we were just a regular family who enjoyed a Disney movie here and there.  That was before we went to Disney World last November.  Ever since then, we’ve immersed ourselves in all things Disney, including the very man behind the dream himself, Walt Disney.  That’s how[Read more]