What I Didn’t Know About Homeschooling

I’ve learned a lot since we began our homeschooling journey seven years ago.  One of those things being just how much I actually didn’t know about homeschooling.  Maybe you can relate. (This post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.) Thankfully The Boy was a preschooler and there was room[Read more]

Keeping Balance Between Homeschool and Church

Keeping the Balance Between Homeschool and Church

It’s no secret that homeschooling involves lots of spinning plates, wearing different hats, and juggling.  Whatever you want to call it, there’s a daily balancing act that happens for homeschool families.  We all have to learn how to manage our homes and families amidst the lesson plans, but it doesn’t end there.[Read more]

When the Curriculum Isn’t Working

We’ve all been there.  One of your favorite homeschool publishers releases a new curriculum series and you’ve got to have it.  It’s so glossy and gorgeous.   Besides, all of the great reviews it got can’t go unnoticed.  And — for a limited time only — it’s on sale!  I mean, it’s[Read more]

5 Must-Reads for a New Season of Homeschool

Must Reads for a New Season of Homeschool

I’m often amazed by how much our homeschool has changed since we started in 2009.  Our homeschool has been full of changes: some changes have been in methods, some have been related to scheduling, and some have been in mentality.  Friend, just like any part of life, our homeschools go through seasons,[Read more]