Personal Growth as a Homeschool Mom

Making Time for Personal Growth as a Homeschool Mom

Let’s face it, being a homeschool mom pretty much guarantees a full life.  Even so, in order to encourage our kids to pursue a lifetime of learning, homeschooling parents have to be diligent about making time for personal growth. What does that personal growth look like when lessons need to be planned[Read more]

Homeschool Regrets: What I’d Go Back and Change

When I look back on our journey, I’m happy to say I don’t have many homeschool regrets.  In fact, I’ve only got one thing I’d go back and change if I had the power to do so. The problem is that the one thing is significant and it’s something that[Read more]

10 Best Tips for New Homeschoolers

10 Best Tips for New Homeschoolers

When we began preparing to homeschool in 2009, I didn’t personally know any homeschool families and the internet wasn’t chock-full of information on home education at that point.  We did the best we could at the time, but we were on our own in many ways. I’ve been thinking about what kind of[Read more]

Will You Send Them to High School & Other Homeschool Questions I’m Asked

Are you going to send them to high school? ... and other homeschool questions I'm often asked

I’ve found myself listening to opinions about home education, advocating it, and answering homeschool questions in some of the most unexpected places and times since we began homeschooling in 2009. From family and friends to acquaintances to complete strangers, people have plenty of concerns and questions about homeschooling.  Some of those[Read more]

The Best Way to End a Homeschool Day

The Best Way to End a Homeschool Day

I love homeschooling and count myself blessed to have this calling on my life, but there’s no denying that homeschooling puts significant demands on me and my time.  And, due to its very nature, homeschool can be all-consuming for me and my family — if I let it.  After seven years of[Read more]

When You Want to Give Up on Homeschool

Giving Up on Homeschool

There are countless blessings that stem from homeschooling, but let’s face it: homeschooling is hard.  Even on the most normal days, this life is enough to make quitting homeschool a thought worth considering for lots of people. There’s the constant pressure to get it right and provide your kids with the best education possible.[Read more]