Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids Review

When it comes to parenting, nothing is more important than helping my kids connect to God and grow their relationships with Him.  One of my favorite ways to do that is by giving them great resources like devotionals for kids to help them along.  We’ve worked through several of these devotionals throughout the years so naturally some stand out more than others.  One of those standouts is Sarah Young’s Jesus Calling.

Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids - Review


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Jesus Calling has been my son’s favorite devotional for a while now and I knew he’d be thrilled to review missionary Sarah Young’s latest devotional for kids with me.  After all, it’s always a happy day when you learn that the author of a favorite book is coming out with something new for you to enjoy!  Well, we’re still working through it, but we’re loving what we’ve found thus far!

Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids

In all honesty, I’ve not spent too much time with Jesus Today yet because The Boy has been hogging it, but hey, I suppose the fact that I had to pry it away from him speaks volumes.  Here’s what I learned when I finally got to check it out:

Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids contains 150 devotions that are just the right length to encourage children to spend time with God.  While it’s a daily devotional, it’s easy to pick up at any point in the year and start reading since the readings are numbered instead of dated.  My son really likes this; he says the fact that they’re  not dated helps you not feel overwhelmed if you miss a day or two.

Each entry is two pages in length and contains scriptures and devotional text with practical application and encouragement.  The messages are perfectly written for helping kids understand how scripture applies to their everyday lives.  Like Jesus Calling, Jesus Today is written as if Jesus himself were speaking directly to the child reading.  I love that!

You don’t have to pretend that you’ve got it all figured out, or that you’re so strong you don’t need help. You can rest all your weight on Me.  I’m standing nearby…”

Are there any better words for your child to hear Jesus whispering to them?  That’s why I love Jesus Today.

Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids - Review


There are other elements your kids will also love about Jesus Today.  We all know that design isn’t everything, but it surely helps!  The eye-catching cover design is instantly piqued the curiosity of both of my kids — even my four year-old girl who claims pink and glitter are her favorite “colors.”   The page layouts are equally inviting.  With vivid colors and easy-to-read formatting, Jesus Today invites kids in and keeps them coming back for more.

Bottom line on
Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids

If you and your kids love Jesus Calling, then Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids is a no-brainer.  The familiar layout and premise will pick up where Jesus Calling left off.  It will continue to keep your kids engaged and encouraged as they listen for the voice of Jesus.

If you’re not familiar with Jesus Calling, this is still a fantastic devotional for your children!  The Boy and I happily recommend Jesus Today for anyone looking for a new kids’ devotional.  Each reading is truly encouraging and helps kids understand the scriptures they’ve likely read before in a whole new light.   It’s the perfect devotional to help children develop a quiet time routine and stick with it!

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Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids

You can purchase your copy of Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids through your favorite bookseller or through Amazon by clicking the image below:

Jesus Today: Devotions for Kids

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