Growing in Faith

If we want to grow closer to God, we’ve got to communicate with Him and stay in His Word, right?  Other than reading straight from the Bible, what does that mean?  For me, it means reading books and blog posts and making sure the people who influence me the most are challenging me to continue growing.

Growing in Faith - Favorite Resources for Nourishing Your Relationship with God

As crazy as it may sound, many of my greatest influences are found online I read a ton of books, but I’m a believer in using the internet and even social media to keep my mind where it needs to be too. This is a list of folks I turn to be challenged, held accountable, and to learn more about my Father’s love and how I can better serve Him.

Living Proof MinistriesIf you’re not familiar with Beth Moore or Living Proof Ministries, you’re missing out on some of the rawest, deepest Bible teaching out there.  Beth Moore and her team can break open scripture and bring even the most complicated passages to life.  Living Proof offers conferences, life-changing Bible study materials, and encouragement through the LP Blog.  It’s seriously so, so good.


Love God Greatly and Good Morning Girls– These are two incredible free online women’s Bible Study communities. These are wonderful ways to make like-minded friends and draw encouragement.  Although I found them by accident through my YouVersion Bible app, they’ve come to be some of my go-to places for encouragement and study.


Margaret FeinbergIf you come across something with Margaret Feinberg’s name on it, you’d be crazy not to read it.  Regardless of who you are, where you’ve been, and what season you’re currently walking through, Margaret has a beautifully crafted and thought-provoking message for you.  It may come in the form of her website, her books, her studies, or speaking appearances, but she’s got something that you need to hear.  There’s not an author out there that has challenged, inspired, or encouraged me more than Margaret Feinberg.


Growing in Faith - resources for nourishing your relationship with God
Revive Our Hearts– There are countless resources available to you for free through Revive Our Hearts.  I love that Revive Our Hearts has for women of all ages and situations.  I love that it’s not a one-size-fits-all ministry.  The site also has past conference messages, 30 Day Challenges, and access to the Revive Our Hearts store.

She Reads Truth– Like many others, I found She Reads Truth by reading their YouVersion plans.  Every She Reads Truth study I’ve done has rocked me to the core.  They’ve always been available on the web, but they’ve recently launched apps for iPhone and Android users.  (You can believe that I’d be all about it if they’d launch one for the Windows Phone crowd too.)  If you have access to She Reads Truth, you’ve got to check it out.


Women’s Bible Café– Oh, how I love Women’s Bible Café!  It’s a place of prayer, scripture, book reviews, and amazing online Bible studies.  Women’s Bible Café hosts women from all over as they dive into studies by many incredibly gifted authors and teachers.  These authors include Beth Moore, Liz Curtis Higgs, Margaret Feinberg, Kelly Minter, Priscilla Shirer, Angela Thomas and so many more.


Growing in Faith - Resources for Nourishing Your Relationship with God
Day 1 of She Reads Truth’s Prayer in the Bible Plan available on YouVersion.
YouVersion– Last, but definitely not least is YouVersion. Let’s park here for a little bit.  I wish I could tell you that I’ve read my Bible daily the entire time I’ve been a follower of Christ.  I wish I could honestly say that.  I’ve always known my way around and have been able to find anything I need in the Bible, but I didn’t start reading every day until three years ago.  That’s when YouVersion app came into my life.  Having the Bible at my fingertips everywhere I go has impacted my life more than I can say.


I wish I could tell you that I’ve read my Bible daily the entire time I’ve been a follower of Christ.
I wish I could honestly say that.


Since starting with the YouVersion app, I’ve read through the entire Bible twice by using yearly reading plans; I’m doing my third year-long plan now.  I’ve also used the app to do topical plans and plans that studied specific passages and books of the Bible.  If you’re reading this, you have access to YouVersion and you need to take advantage of it!  YouVersion is available for any smartphone out there.  (You know how I have a special place in my heart for folks who include Windows Phone users.  YouVersion has always been there for us too.  Swoon.) It’s also available to use on tablets and computers.  You’ve got no excuse!

Where do you turn for encouragement and accountability in your relationship with God?  Who helps you dive in and explore more than you ever dreamed in God’s Word?  Hopefully some of these are new to you and will help you the same way they’ve helped me.

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