Glory to God Christmas Art Project

I’m always looking for art projects my kids can do together. I’ve found one in this easy Glory to God Christmas Art Project.

Glory to God Christmas Art Project
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This Glory to God painting requires minimal art supplies and can be done by kids of all ages. In fact, my ten year-old did it alone and my four year-old tackled it with little help from me.

Glory to God Christmas Art Project

Think your kids would enjoy creating a Glory to God painting of their own? Here’s a list of the supplies needed:

Glory to God Christmas Art:
Step by Step Instructions

My son did our Glory to God Christmas art in his mixed media journal, but my daughter did her project on a canvas panel. You’re welcome to use whichever you have on hand or your preference between the two. Either way, the project starts with painting the entire surface blue.

There’s no magic shade of blue needed here, but the goal is to create a backdrop that looks like a night sky. My son went with a darker blue for this, and my daughter went with a brighter blue.

Glory to God Christmas Art for Kids
Once the surface is covered and the blue is dry, you can focus on the next layer of paint. This layer of black paint gives the impression of Bethlehem at night and covers the bottom quarter or third of your surface.

My son was able to easily do this with black paint and a paintbrush, but I drew the outline of the hills in black sharpie for my daughter. That way she didn’t have any guesswork and could paint everything below the line black.

Glory to God Christmas Art for Kids
Next we added the stars to the night sky. We did this by drawing one big, Christmas star in the top center with our white paint pen and then adding paint pen dots over the rest of sky.

You may want to caution your kids to be gentle with this part. My little one got carried away a couple of times and ended up with some bigger drops of paint than we planned. It’s not disastrous to the project if it happens, but it is preventable.

Glory to God Christmas Art for Kids
The last step of the project is the writing the scripture on the bottom. The kids grabbed our Sharpie Paint Pen and wrote a portion from Luke 2:14. Here’s the full scripture:

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth peace to those on whom his favor rests.”

Glory to God Christmas Art for Kids
My son was able to fit “Glory to God in the highest” on his project, but my daughter was only able to fit “Glory to God” on hers. Regardless, both projects turned out great.

When it’s finished, you can display it on an easel or attach some ribbon to the back for hanging. That’s easily done with a couple of dots of hot glue or some craft glue.

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Glory to God Christmas Art for Kids
I found this Glory to God Christmas art project in one of the art journal assignments in the Winter Wonderland Mixed Media Workshop. If you’re looking for art ideas for your kids this winter, I cannot recommend this workshop enough. It’s perfect for older kids and teens, but you can also adapt some of the projects for your younger kiddos just like I did.

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Want to learn more about the workshop? You can check out my review or visit the main Winter Wonderland Workshop site by clicking the image above.

Glory to God Christmas Art for Kids

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