Why I Don’t Schedule Homeschool Bible Time

Why I Don't Schedule Homeschool Bible Time

Lean in close, friend. Today I’m sharing why I don’t plan Bible study time for our homeschool. That may be a bit surprising because those who know my family know that I’m sitting in a room with 15+ Bibles as I write this. Even so, homeschool Bible time isn’t something[Read more]

Bible Belles: Real Heroes for Real Girls

Bible Belles: Real Heroes for Real Girls

*I received complimentary access to the Bible Belles series for review purposes. Also, this post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.  Looking for a way to connect your daughter to the heroic girls and women of the Bible? The Bible itself is a great place to start, but it[Read more]

Knights in Training: Resurrecting Chivalry Through a New Generation

*I received a complimentary copy of this book for review. Post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details. Chivalry is dead. You’ve probably heard that saying before and have sighed thinking to yourself, “it’s a shame” or “too bad we can’t do something about it.” The thing is that you can[Read more]

3 Easy Ways to Add Family Devotions to Your Day

Easy Ways to Include Family Devotions in Your Daily Routines

In a day where we have subscription boxes and activity kits for anything and everything you can think of, — family devotions included — I’m to the point where I think less is more. These tools can be helpful, but they can also be a hangup. I don’t know about you,[Read more]

Update on Gryphon Online Safety WiFi Router

Update on Gryphon Online Safety WiFi Router

(This is a sponsored post; see disclosure for details.) I recently shared some important statistics about kids, the internet, and online safety for connected families. Maybe you remember seeing that 70% of kids online see inappropriate content by accident. Do you think that 70% includes your kids? Do you remember reading[Read more]