Considering Homeschool: Homeschool on a budget

If you’ve had a chance to research homeschool methods and curriculum options, it’s quite possible that those dollar signs are starting to make you dizzy.  I get it. Homeschooling can be a budget nightmare. How on earth are you supposed to do this and still pay your bills? (This post contains affiliate[Read more]

Considering Homeschool: Day to Day Logistics

Our Considering Homeschool journey has led us on several important stops thus far: reading, reflection, and research (book suggestions, state legal considerations, etc.); preschool at home; and an overview of homeschool methods.  Those are all crucial topics to cover before beginning homeschool. Once you have an idea of what your state[Read more]

Considering Homeschool: Methods

Exploring homeschool methods can be an interesting, yet intimidating part of considering homeschool.   You may have already done some reading about these schools of thought and instantly identified with a method. Maybe this all seems like gibberish to you.  Either way, we’re going to take a brief look at some well-loved homeschool methods.  (This[Read more]

Ecclesiastes 3:1 Fall Activity for Preschoolers

Ecclesiastes 3:1 Craftivity for Preschoolers

 “There is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under the heavens.” ~Ecclesiastes 3:1 I love this time of year!  The leaves on our trees are changing colors and are finally drifting away.  It’s truly beautiful to behold and it’s the perfect inspiration for doing something easy and crafty[Read more]

Considering Homeschool: Home from the start

Lots of homeschool families out there didn’t start out homeschooling and probably never dreamed of doing it.  But what if you’re one of those, like we were, looking at your toddler and wondering if homeschool is right for you?  What then? Can you teach ABC and 123 and lay that all-important[Read more]

Considering Homeschool: On your mark, get set…

Where on earth do you start if you’re considering homeschool?  In this post, we’ll take a look at three good starting points: reading, reflection, and research. (This post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.) Considering Homeschool? Research First Other than much time in prayer for guidance, the first thing I’d[Read more]