10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

10 Must-Read Books for New Homeschoolers

It’s not uncommon to deal with information overload when you’re new to homeschooling. If you’re wondering where to begin while sifting through social media, zillions of homeschool websites and blogs, and an ever-growing selection of homeschool books, you’re in luck. Today I’m sharing ten must-read books for new homeschoolers. (This post[Read more]

Defeating the Green-Eyed Homeschool Curriculum Monster

Defeating the Green-Eyed Homeschool Curriculum Monster

Have you ever switched to a new homeschool curriculum after learning that your friends are using it? Have you ever made a curriculum switch because you’ve stumbled across a new one that’s legitimately good even though your current curriculum is serving you well? If either of these scenarios sound familiar, you’ve[Read more]

Homeschool 101: The Basics of Home Education

It’s not easy being a new homeschooler. It’s overwhelming to take on new responsibilities, learn the lingo, and adapt to a new lifestyle. And, regardless of how much you research and prepare, sometimes getting the answers you need seems downright impossible. If only there was a Homeschool 101 class available for us all![Read more]

Homeschool Regrets: What I’d Go Back and Change

When I look back on our journey, I’m happy to say I don’t have many homeschool regrets.  In fact, I’ve only got one thing I’d go back and change if I had the power to do so. The problem is that the one thing is significant and it’s something that[Read more]

10 Best Tips for New Homeschoolers

Tips for New Homeschoolers

When we began preparing to homeschool in 2009, I didn’t personally know any homeschool families and the internet wasn’t chock-full of information on home education at that point.  We did the best we could at the time, but we were on our own in many ways. I’ve been thinking about what kind of[Read more]

What I Didn’t Know About Homeschooling

I’ve learned a lot since we began our homeschooling journey seven years ago.  One of those things being just how much I actually didn’t know about homeschooling.  Maybe you can relate. (This post contains affiliate links; see disclosure for details.) Thankfully The Boy was a preschooler and there was room[Read more]